New York

In closing statements, Trump’s lawyer argued the court should award him a medal instead.
The former president gave a reality-defying answer to a reporter’s question about his New York fraud and defamation cases.
The ex-president was originally going to testify Monday in the case, which he has repeatedly claimed is election interference by the Biden campaign.
In a separate line of questioning, Trump also seemingly forgot he'd stopped being president by 2021.
"Make me look sexy," the former US president's son told courtroom artist Janet Rosenberg on Thursday.
The address in Bedford Street in NYC was the ‘home’ of Matthew's character Chandler Bing.
"The judge should end this trial immediately," the former president told reporters upon exiting.
The former president's son insisted the Trumps have run an exceptional company, and "yet today, the persecution of our family continues.”
Much of the US's east coast is under a thick coat of smog, turning the sky orange.
Canadian wildfire smoke is affecting roughly 55 million people across the eastern United States.