Boat Race

BBC Gets Comedian To Present The Boat Race, People Are Not Amused

The Huffington Post | Louise Ridley | Posted 28.03.2016 | UK

The BBC's use of a comedian as one of the TV presenters for the 2016 Oxford and Cambridge boat races has gone down spectacularly poorly among many vie...

Dramatic Boat Races See Cambridge Win Men's Race - And Women's Boat Nearly Sink

The Huffington Post | Louise Ridley | Posted 27.03.2016 | UK
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Cambridge won the men's boat race on Sunday, beating rivals Oxford as both teams battled difficult conditions. Dressed in light blue, Cambridge domina...

Now the Women's Boat Race Has Equality, Time To Sort Out the Heptathlon/Decathlon?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 14.06.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

Apr 2015 saw the Boat Race finally have the men's and women's races on an equal footing. Heralded as a progression for women's sport, that just leaves the heptathlon/decathlon issue to sort, right..?

Historic Boat Race Hailed As 'Long Overdue Victory For Equality'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Jack Sommers | Posted 11.04.2015 | UK Sport

Oxford dominated a historic Boat Race which saw both the women's and men's team race the same stretch of the river on the same day for the first time....

An Equal Boat Race? About Bloody Time

Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 10.06.2015 | UK
Sarah Ann Harris

It was a long road to equality even once Oxbridge allowed women to race - descriptions of women rowing as "unnatural", being asked to pose in towels and financial difficulties were just a few of the hurdles. So how did we finally get to this point?

Dear BBC Sport, Helena Morrissey Is So Much More Than A Mother-Of-Nine

Brogan Driscoll | Posted 10.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Brogan Driscoll

Of course being a mother is a fantastic achievement, and carrying and raising nine children is no mean feat. But, at this moment, the fact that she is a mother-of-nine is almost completely irrelevant, while her contribution to women's rowing, her position as a CEO of an investment company and all round kick-ass woman is what BBC Sport should really be being championed.

Oxford Women's Rowing Boat Sinks In Thames Week Before Race

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 02.04.2015 | UK Universities & Education

Oxford University women's rowing crew had to be rescued by the RNLI after their boat sank on Thames, just a week before the boat race. The eight an...

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.04.2014 | UK Comedy

It was the week Maria Miller finally resigned - and was replaced by Sajid Javid (and Nicky Morgan). The week that Kate, William and George went Down U...

Oxford Powers To Victory In 160th Boat Race

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.04.2014 | UK Sport

Oxford have powered to victory in the 160th Boat Race on the River Thames. One of the Cambridge rowers almost fell out of his boat and lost control of...

Oxford Have Lighter Crew Than Cambridge For Upcoming Boat Race (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 11.03.2014 | UK Sport

Defending champions Oxford unveiled a lighter crew but one with plenty of experience at the weigh-in for the 160th Boat Race with Cambridge. Three ...

Boat Race Protester Brands Australia A 'Racist Country'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

Trenton Oldfield, the Australian activist who disrupted last year's Oxford v Cambridge boat race, has said he can't be deported to Australia because i...

Anti-Maggie Activists Must Use 'Guerrilla Tactics', Says Boat Race Protester

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.04.2013 | UK

Activist Trenton Oldfield, who was jailed for disrupting the Oxford Cambridge boat race last year, has said he believes protesters should use "guerril...

Pictures Of The Day: 1st April 2013

Elliot Wagland, Tahira Mirza, Matthew Tucker | Posted 01.04.2013 | UK

The Huffington Post pictures of the day brings you the very best images from around the world chosen by our own photo editors, Elliot Wagland, Matthew...

Lucy Sherriff

Oxford Beat Cambridge In 2013 Race | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 31.03.2013 | UK Universities & Education

Oxford University has beaten Cambridge to win the 2013 boat race, which, although peppered with expletives, passed off smoothly without interruption. ...

Security Tight For Boat Race To Ensure No Repeat Of Protest

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.03.2013 | UK

Royal Marines will be stationed in inflatable boats along the length of the Boat Race course on Sunday to ensure the event is not disrupted by another...

Trenton Oldfield 'Wouldn't Have Swum In Thames If It Was This Cold'

Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.03.2013 | UK

The man who jumped into the River Thames during last year's boat race between Oxford and Cambridge to protest against elitism has admitted he wouldn't...

A Shock as Jean-Pierre Dick Loses His Keel

Alex Thomson | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

Enough is enough, the keels need to be made of solid steel and last the life of the boat, before someone gets hurt.

Exiting the Doldrums

Alex Thomson | Posted 23.03.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

I had my easiest doldrum crossing ever Saturday with only two big black clouds and a slight slow down.

The Run Up to the Doldrums

Alex Thomson | Posted 18.03.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

Really hot and humid inside the boat today but better than the freezing conditions at home!

Varying Winds Up to the Equator

Alex Thomson | Posted 17.03.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

I got my batteries up to 100% on Sunday for the first time since the Indian Ocean and filled up my water supply to the max. I celebrated with a shave just before I tacked, the first shave of the race, true to my word I shaved it into the style voted for by my fans on Facebook.

Good Morning From the Southern Ocean!

Alex Thomson | Posted 04.03.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

I've got a bit more used to the lack of contact now, but it's still hard not being able to speak to my family or stay connected to the world as much as I would like to.

Christmas in the Southern Ocean

Alex Thomson | Posted 23.02.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

Today is another day of DIY. Hydrogenerator problems still plague me but I feel as though I am getting closer to the root of the problem and so hopefully I will get there finally.

Christmas in the Pacific Ocean

Alex Thomson | Posted 20.02.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

Although Christmas is just another day in the race it still is hard to be out here with limited contact. My wife Kate and son Oscar are in Sweden with her family this Christmas. I have gifts from them onboard and I was also prepared this year and bought all my presents in November but I am going to miss spending my son's second Christmas with him.

Firmly Back in the South

Alex Thomson | Posted 19.02.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

t is bitterly cold down here now, and I have several layers on even when in my sleeping bag. I have a heater onboard but it burns diesel so whilst I am in power saving mode and conserving fuel, using the heater is a no go therefore it is like some sort of torture having all the capabilities of making heat but not being able to use it.

The Whole World Turned On Its Side

Alex Thomson | Posted 18.02.2013 | UK Sport
Alex Thomson

It is really rough out here. Very bumpy and really confused waves. I am trying not to go to fast at the moment as she starts to slam a bit.