Child Sexual Abuse

Leading The Way In Tackling Child Sexual Abuse

Javed Khan | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK
Javed Khan

Recent high profile cases like those in Rotherham, Oxford and Rochdale have shown us all that we need to get better at tackling child sexual abuse. I...

Sex And Relationship Education: Give Children The Tools To Protect Themselves

Javed Khan | Posted 11.01.2017 | UK
Javed Khan

There is agreement from MPs of all parties, experts and organisations representing children - including Barnardo's - that change in this area is needed urgently but the government still needs a gentle push in the right direction. It's time to listen to what our children are telling us - they need the knowledge that will help keep them safe. They have spoken loud and clear and we cannot ignore them.

David Beckham Raises Awareness Around Child Abuse In New Unicef Campaign Video

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 06.12.2016 | UK Parents

David Beckham has appeared in a new film for Unicef, highlighting the lifelong scars that emotional and physical abuse leaves on children. Beckham, wh...

Eric Bristow Condemned By Everyone For Tweets About Football Abuse Victims

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 01.12.2016 | UK

Former world darts champion Eric Bristow has received universal condemnation after questioning the bravery of footballers who have spoken out about be...

FA Launches Independent Inquiry After Child Abuse Allegations

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 27.11.2016 | UK

The Football Association (FA) has launched an independent inquiry after more than 20 football players have come forward to seek help over allegations ...

The Central African Republic And Its Legacies Of Abuse

Yasmin Khatun Dewan | Posted 02.12.2016 | UK
Yasmin Khatun Dewan

The French mission in the Central African Republic is over. The official ceremony marking its end took place earlier this week. I have been investigat...

20 Years Progress In Battle To Rid The Internet Of Indecent Images Of Children

Baroness Joanna Shields | Posted 23.10.2016 | UK Politics
Baroness Joanna Shields

This is not a problem that any one organisation or sector can solve on its own. We have to work together. And furthermore, this is not just a problem in the UK, but a global crime that transcends borders and requires a coordinated global response.

Preventing Child Abuse: How To Work With Paedophiles To Stop The First Crime From Happening

Juliet Grayson | Posted 26.08.2016 | UK
Juliet Grayson

The earlier they contact StopSO, the fewer victims are created, and the easier it is for the perpetrator to change their behaviour. Eighty-five per cent of these perpetrators referred themselves, and eight per cent were 'non-offending paedophiles,' who recognise that they have a sexual preference for children but are determined not to act on it, or break the law.

Unearthing The Web - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Christian Berg | Posted 16.08.2016 | UK Tech
Christian Berg

All too often, the internet is used for crimes that remain unexposed. In reality, we are in the dark about just how many problems have arisen from its existence. Just last year, a study from the UK government security service Get Safe Online, revealed that half of Britons have experienced crime online -- everything from identity theft, to hacking, to online abuse.

How The Olympics Could Be Boosting An 'Epidemic' In Child Sex Trafficking

The Huffington Post | Louise Ridley | Posted 17.08.2016 | UK

On beaches near Olympics venues in Rio, children’s bodies are being sold. Girls as young as eight are used as child prostitutes in Brazil, in what e...

Lowell Goddard Resigns As Head of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 04.08.2016 | UK

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has lost its chair, after Dame Lowell Goddard gave Home Secretary Amber Rudd her resignation. The resi...

NSPCC Releases Dinosaur Cartoon To Help Parents Talk To Kids About Sexual Abuse

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 29.07.2016 | UK Parents

The NSPCC has launched a dinosaur cartoon to help parents talk to children about sexual abuse. The Pantosaurus animation, created by Bristol-based com...

NHS Staff Across the Country Are Vital to Stamping Out Child Sexual Abuse

Matthew Reed | Posted 27.07.2016 | UK
Matthew Reed

Stamping out child abuse is the responsibility of everyone who works with children and NHS staff - from receptionists to nurses and doctors - are ideally placed to spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Child-on-Child Abuse Must Be Tackled

Javed Khan | Posted 26.07.2016 | UK
Javed Khan

We've left children to navigate their way through this explicit content and decide what is right and what is wrong. Even parents who provide loving homes don't necessarily know how to keep their children safe online. Children must be better protected and understand what the parameters of acceptable sexual behaviour are, so as a society we can prevent this from happening.

'When My Time Is Up, Have I Done Enough?' - Global Mission to Eradicate Child Sexual Exploitation

Baroness Joanna Shields | Posted 24.07.2016 | UK Politics
Baroness Joanna Shields

There are over three billion people around the world with internet access and there are enormous benefits to an ever more connected society. But we must do more to ensure that the internet remains safe for young people to explore, create, dream and achieve their true potential.

A Society in the Dark

Christian Berg | Posted 01.07.2016 | UK Tech
Christian Berg

Last week, the NSPCC released its annual 'How safe are our children? 2016' report. The report suggests that the Internet used in eight cases of child sex abuse every day. However, we feel that this latest number from the NSPCC is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual volume of child sexual abuse cases that have occurred online and go unreported to the police.

Alleged Paedophile Sir Clement Freud Befriended Madeleine McCann's Parents

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 16.06.2016 | UK

Kate and Gerry McCann said they are “horrified” to learn that Sir Clement Freud, who befriended the pair following Madeleine's disappearance in 20...

Why My Heart Truly Breaks for the Orlando victims

Thuy Yau | Posted 14.06.2016 | UK
Thuy Yau

In the words of the late Martin Luther King, Jr: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

British Paedophile Who Posed As Volunteer Targeted Hundreds Of Poor Children

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 02.06.2016 | UK

A British paedophile who targeted children as young as six months old while posing as a volunteer in Malaysia is facing multiple life sentences for a ...

Icelandic Approach to Tackling Child Abuse Doubles Conviction Rates

Anne Longfield | Posted 26.04.2016 | UK Politics
Anne Longfield

It's a statistic that never fails to shock: the vast majority of all child sexual abuse is concealed and never reported to the authorities. Only one in eight victims ever come to their attention.

Record Numbers of Online Child Sexual Abuse Imagery in New Report

Susie Hargreaves | Posted 21.04.2016 | UK
Susie Hargreaves

As I head towards my fifth anniversary leading the IWF, there is one consistent factor - we're always changing and growing and 2015 was no exception. Today we'll be publishing our latest figures. What stands out, is the dramatic increase in the number of confirmed reports of illegal imagery since we started actively searching for child sexual abuse images and videos.

An Open Letter to Stephen Fry

Tom Leavesley | Posted 13.04.2016 | UK
Tom Leavesley

Just grow up, eh? The sad thing is Stephen, victims of child abuse 'grow up' the second the abuse starts and they never get their childhood back. I was abused at the age of 12, not by an uncle but a former employee at my father's business. I've experienced my fair share of self pity over the years, especially when thinking about my lost childhood. However ugly you think that is, I think I'm entitled to feel that way from time to time. And you know what, it's funny you said no one is going to like me for feeling sorry for myself. That's exactly what I thought when I planned taking my own life a few years ago.

Chemical Castration - or Compassion for Paedophiles?

Dr Sarah D Goode | Posted 12.04.2016 | UK
Dr Sarah D Goode

Every paedophile was once somebody's little child, a member of somebody's family. To imagine that they are somehow distinct from us, that they are 'those monsters over there' is a fairy-story we can no longer afford to believe.

'Chemical Castration Cure' For Paedophiles Is About To Be Tested In Britain

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 07.04.2016 | UK

Paedophiles may be identified and treated before they target a victim through a new process of "chemical castration" being trialled in Britain. Around...


Lisa Edwards | Posted 28.03.2016 | UK
Lisa Edwards

I think back to when I was fifteen and developing major crushes on older, unattainable men wherever I went. I never acted on them, but I think the targets of my devotion must have been only too aware that there was a young girl mooning around after them, hanging on their every word.