Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit: The Black Hole That Continues To Grow

Heather Spurr | Posted 26.06.2017 | UK
Heather Spurr

Something deeply worrying has happened to our private rented market. Since 2011, as benefits have been cut back, a black hole has started to appear in our welfare system for private renters. This black hole is the widening gap between housing benefit and rents at the very cheapest end of the private rental market.

Ignoring Young Voters Is A Gamble Politicians Can No Longer Afford To Take

Seyi Obakin | Posted 20.06.2017 | UK Politics
Seyi Obakin

Politicians have more to do to earn the trust of young people. Metro-mayors, notably Andy Burnham in Manchester, have placed homelessness squarely at the centre of priorities for the city-region. Given the result of the General Election, will any future government want to gamble its electoral success by ignoring voters who will be around for many elections to come?

It Took Just An Hour For Jeremy Corbyn To U-Turn On Axing The Benefit Freeze

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 16.05.2017 | UK Politics

Read More: Labour Changes Its Benefits Freeze Policy Four Times In Five Hours After Manifesto Launch Jeremy Corbyn faced accusations of a “chaotic...

Left In Limbo: How Housing Benefit Changes Will Leave Young People Out In The Cold

Richard Hughes | Posted 05.04.2017 | UK Politics
Richard Hughes

While YMCA recognises the ideological premise behind the removal of automatic housing support for some young people with exemptions, it can only have the impact the Government desires with major policy change. That is why we are calling on the Government to take immediate action to address the failings in the policy.

For Carol's Sake, For Christ's Sake, We Must Look After The Poor

Bishop Paul Bayes | Posted 27.03.2017 | UK
Bishop Paul Bayes

Liverpool is a proud city with some of the finest civic buildings in England. A couple of weeks ago I was in the opulent setting of one of these, and I was angry. Standing in the finery of St Georges Hall I was reminded of the once-great wealth of this trading port. And, as I shared a platform with its current Mayor Joe Anderson, I was angry.

Young People At Increased Risk Of Homelessness Because Of Welfare Cuts, Warns Report

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 22.03.2017 | UK Politics

Young people are at increasing risk of being made homeless as the Government’s welfare reforms begin to bite, a report warns today. ‘The Homelessn...

Labour Force Government To Come To The Commons To Explain 'Catastrophic' Housing Benefit Cuts

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 07.03.2017 | UK Politics

Ministers will be forced to come to the Commons today to explain why they are cutting housing benefits for under-22 year olds. Labour has been granted...

9,000 Youngsters Could Be Made Homeless By Housing Benefit Cuts, Warns Charity

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Politics

Up to 9,000 young people could be forced on to the streets if Theresa May pushes ahead with cuts to housing benefits, according to a homelessness char...

Tory MP Warns Theresa May Against 'Catastrophic' Housing Benefit Cuts To Under-22s

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 05.03.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May is facing a potential backbench revolt over housing benefit cuts after one Tory branded the changes as “catastrophic”. David Burrowes,...

Bad News Buried As Government Axes Housing Benefit For 18-21s

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Politics

Housing benefit is to be axed for 18-21 year-olds within weeks after ministers decided to go ahead with controversial plans to force young unemployed ...

Can Charities Counter Housing Decisions That Leave Vulnerable People at Risk?

Beth Burgess | Posted 17.05.2017 | UK
Beth Burgess

Thousands of pounds, which might have been spent on B&B accommodation, substance- or violence-related hospital admissions, and re-imprisonment are saved when people are supported to heal and grow with specialist services and safe accommodation.

For People With Mental Illness, Supported Housing Is a Lifeline - It Must Not Be Put at Risk

Luciana Berger | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK Politics
Luciana Berger

People with mental illness need advice, support and professional care. As I know from conversations at the Shaw Street project, for those living independently, a little extra support can make a huge difference to their lives. We have seen some excellent progress in specialist centres. All of that is now at risk. Once again, ministers' desire to cut back budgets will hammer vulnerable people, and end up costing us all more down the line.

5 Things George Osborne Doesn't Want You To Mention About His Spending Review

The Huffington Post UK | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 26.11.2015 | UK Politics

George Osborne’s spending review was a political masterclass, neutralising the biggest threats to the Government’s and his own reputation - tax cr...

He Won't Admit It, But the Rebellious Lords Have Saved George Osborne's Bacon

Craig Berry | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK Politics
Craig Berry

At the risk of feeding the collective hysteria that characterises public perceptions (or prejudices) of welfare spending, benefit cuts have not yet been one of the main contributors to the coalition or Conservative governments' austerity agenda.

Too Many Young People Are Leaving Home to Escape Violence and Abuse

Ben Wardlaw | Posted 29.09.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ben Wardlaw

Imagine the atmosphere in your home, the place you're supposed to feel safest, becoming so unbearable you simply can't stay? This is the reality for far too many young people, and even more are on the brink of disaster. You don't see that moment of crisis coming. You're left not knowing what to do or where to go next.

Cameron's EU Renegotiation Plans May Have Just Lost Him The Support Of Young People

The Huffington Post UK | Aubrey Allegretti | Posted 11.08.2015 | UK

Tens of thousands of young people could lose their right to claim benefits for four years as part of radical new proposals to curb payments to EU migr...

Through 100 Days, Government Housing Policy Veers Between 'Fiddling While the UK Burns' to the Outright Disastrous

Seb Klier | Posted 10.08.2016 | UK Politics
Seb Klier

Given the huge policy shifts that the Conservatives committed to in their manifesto on housing, it comes as no surprise that they have moved very quickly in a wide range of areas. Unfortunately, much of their output ranges between policies that could be termed 'fiddling while the UK burns' through to the outright disastrous.

Government Housing Policy: A Step in the Right Direction to Solve Housing Crisis

Simon Thomas | Posted 20.07.2016 | UK Politics
Simon Thomas

So, here we are. After months of speculation, manifesto pledges, and - finally - the general election, the new government is in place, and their house...

An Open Letter to Mr George Osborne

Becky Hopper | Posted 09.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Becky Hopper

George, what if we don't get that miracle job? We can't claim Housing Benefit because we're young, but we have a degree and we're employable. What are the options? Get into rent arrears? Be given our notice? Become squatters? Or... Become homeless.

Meet The Invisible Group That George Osborne's Budget Will Hit The Hardest

The Huffington Post UK | Jessie Thompson | Posted 10.07.2015 | UK

Young people from abusive families, many of whom have become estranged, will be trapped in toxic situations under a series of announcements made in ye...

The Government Must Think Again and Protect Young People Put at Risk By Their Welfare Reform

Jess Phillips | Posted 18.06.2016 | UK Politics
Jess Phillips

Most young people go to university, have interest free loans, or stay living with their parents well in to their twenties. I'll wager this is the case for 99% of the people sitting braying in the chamber at Westminster.

Everybody Loses When Young People Are Out of Work

Denise Hatton | Posted 26.05.2016 | UK Politics
Denise Hatton

If this government is committed to doing this and giving young people a decent start in life, this Queen's Speech needs to first focus on providing them with a safe and stable environment that allows young people the chance to flourish and reach their full potential - to which Housing Benefit plays an important role.

The Housing Crisis: Why Can't We Build More Council Houses?

Adnan Al-Daini | Posted 10.04.2015 | UK Politics
Adnan Al-Daini

Value-for-money has been the deafening cry of free market ideologues and politicians on the right. Keep governments out, privatize, and let the market work its magic to produce the most efficient solution, they say...

Three Million Reasons to Take Young Voters Seriously

Paul Noblet | Posted 07.04.2015 | UK Politics
Paul Noblet

Over half of young people are still undecided as to who they will vote for in May it is in the interest of both young people and politicians to work together to get as many under-25s as possible reconnected with politics and registered to vote.

Sofa Surfing Is a Huge Problem for Our Young People - Now We Must Act

Paul Noblet | Posted 04.02.2015 | UK
Paul Noblet

How can you begin to tackle a problem that you know exists but about the scale of which there are no official figures? This is the problem facing charities and the government when it comes to supporting the thousands of under-25s who have sofa surfed over the past 12 months.