Rise Of The Robots

John Gilbert | Posted 24.08.2017 | UK Tech
John Gilbert

As we increasingly see robots enter into our private and public lives and hear dramatic projections of mass automation, it's worth remembering that they have long been a reality in the world of manufacturing. Since the 1960s, large, industrial robots have been used in industries such as automotive, to speed up processes and relieve humans from more strenuous tasks. These gains inevitably led to growth, which in turn created more jobs.

Diesel Scrappage Scheme - But What About The Subsidised Polluters?

Toby Peters | Posted 10.02.2017 | UK
Toby Peters

According to a recent news report, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is thinking of introducing a diesel scrappage scheme. If so, not a moment too so...

Less Of An Industrial Strategy, More Of A School Economics Essay

Rob Flello | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Politics
Rob Flello

The problem is that this time we're looking at a two year window before the true implications of leaving the EU, currently unknown to all of us, really kick in. Mrs May, we really needed a credible plan for an uncertain future, and her failure to produce one could have dire consequences for us all.

The Safety Agency Government Won't Help

Rob Flello | Posted 01.11.2016 | UK Politics
Rob Flello

How many lives might have been saved if that delay had been avoided? How many more are at risk because inspectors have one hand tied behind their backs by the very government which charges them with our protection?

Would You Let A Lorry Driver Use Your Company Loo?

Rob Flello | Posted 28.09.2016 | UK Politics
Rob Flello

Last week was the hugely successful National Lorry Week, when we are asked to Love the Lorry, and celebrate the enormous contribution made to our economy and society by all those involved in the haulage industry.

Cirque du Soleil and Express Logistics - Two Pioneers on the World Stage

Ken M Allen | Posted 15.03.2014 | UK
Ken M Allen

Cirque du Soleil is just like the business of express logistics. Now hang on, please stay with me. That statement may look like a desperate attempt both to grab your attention and to make a bold and spurious claim that a business that involves shifting packages from A to B can also be fascinating. Well, you could be right, but only partly: there's also quite a bit of truth in there.

How Aid Agencies Tackle the Logistical Challenge in the Philippines

Claire Durham | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK
Claire Durham

Aid agencies around the country, and around the world, are working around the clock to ensure relief is brought to the thousands left stricken by the storm. We are incredibly proud of the work we do but there is a long way to go.

The Art of Engagement

Ken M Allen | Posted 30.09.2013 | UK
Ken M Allen

Technology, management studies, financial analysis, research and "big data" have all contributed to an environment today where just about every aspect of performance can be measured to the nth squared degree.

Who's The Latest Company To Enter The Race For Christmas Number 1?

Charlie Thomas | Posted 17.12.2012 | UK

Eddie Stobart's truckers have banded together to create a trucking version of the popular carol, the 12 days of Christmas, to raise money for Help the...


Dr Stephen Dakin | Posted 06.01.2013 | UK
Dr Stephen Dakin

At the risk of offending those who are tender in years or innocent about the ways of the world, the business of delivering Christmas presents does not rest on the shoulders of a jolly, fat man dressed in red and white and pulled in his sleigh by an eight-strong team of flying reindeer.

Keeping Britain Moving

Tim Bagshaw | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK
Tim Bagshaw

Many of us take for granted the products we use on an everyday basis. Have you ever stopped to think how your Weetabix gets to your bowl in the morning, for example, or how the shoes you are wearing got from where they were made to the shops you bought them in?

Taking Advantage of the Olympic Opportunities This Summer

Phil Couchman | Posted 04.09.2012 | UK
Phil Couchman

It can't have passed you by that this summer is set to be a bumper one for the UK. Having experienced the highs of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and the lows of Euro 2012, the Olympics is now just around the corner.