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Back To School: Is Your Teenager Coping?

Cai Graham | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK Parents
Cai Graham

You may be a dab-hand at all this and be taking it all in your stride - but for many parents helping their teenager settle in to a different school or simply a different class with the increased demands and expectations is totally new ground and the new rules can be baffling.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child - A Cliché But Oh-So-True

Celine Bell | Posted 06.09.2017 | UK Parents
Celine Bell

I'm SO lucky to still have my parents - they are both still around in body and mind, although living three hours away gets them out of babysitting. The boys adore them, Grandpa kicks a ball and Granny does loads of cuddles and the occasional scary look, and it's a mutually appreciative relationship.

'Look At Him Watching You Eat, He's Desperate To Join In!'

Amy Brown | Posted 05.09.2017 | UK Parents
Amy Brown

Just when you feel you've got the hang of giving your baby milk feeds, suddenly everyone becomes an expert on introducing solid foods. Alongside the questions of what you're going to give and how, a particular favourite topic is when your baby will start.

Back To School!

Charlotte Gater | Posted 05.09.2017 | UK Parents
Charlotte Gater

This week, children across the country will be returning to school after the long summer holiday. Although a time of excitement for many keen to get back to see their friends and share stories of the summer break, for many - particularly those heading to school for the first time - it can be a time of anxiety - not only for the child but for parents too!

Five Mindful Ways To Ease Back-To-School Nerves

Fern Taylor | Posted 05.09.2017 | UK Parents
Fern Taylor

The start of a new year at primary school can stir up lots of emotions for children, including excitement and anticipation as well as nervousness and anxiety. Of course, it is completely normal to feel this range of emotions and everyone feels a bit of apprehension at the start of the school year (even teachers!)

Surviving The Back To School Season

Sam Wass | Posted 30.08.2017 | UK Parents
Sam Wass

Different children react to going back to school in very different ways. Some like the increased structure and regularity that school brings with it - they find order, and predictability, relaxing. But others, like I did, love the freedom and the lack of structure of the holidays.

Are You A Bad Parent?

Samantha Glass | Posted 08.08.2017 | UK Parents
 Samantha Glass

Almost every parent goes through bouts of not feeling like they are a good parent. Almost every parent questions their own gut instincts at times. Almost every parent feels as if they should be doing better, waking up earlier, feeding their child healthier, being more encouraging.

Is 'Me Time' Selfish As A Parent?

Samantha Glass | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK Parents
 Samantha Glass

It's easier said than done. As simple as it sounds, not everybody finds it possible to relax. Chores that still need doing or the murmuring coming from your child's bedroom as they sleep, can be stressful. There are many ways you can learn to relax!

Relationship Reality: After A Baby

Samantha Glass | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK Parents
 Samantha Glass

You may have heard the phrase, "having a baby won't fix your marriage/relationship" - and quite rightly so. In some cases, bringing new life into the world may make the bond between you and your partner stronger in the long run, but first you have to get through the challenges that come with a new baby!

The Modern Tale Of 'The Birds And The Bees'; How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online This Summer

Claire Stead | Posted 02.08.2017 | UK Parents
Claire Stead

We can't see everything our kids are doing at all times; and it's something that if we tried to police, it would only build up resentment. Similarly, we can't ban the tech our children are using - it's about finding a balance, setting time limits and offering alternative activities to being online are good starting points.

Why Parenting Needs Positive Thinking

Nicola Wiggins | Posted 24.07.2017 | UK Parents
Nicola Wiggins

I'm not the perfect mum - there have been ups and downs. But I don't want to look back at my blog in years to come and wonder if I was ever happy. Because I am. Writing events down commits them to memory. And I want to remember the happy moments. Don't you?

How Can Parents Help Their Children Prepare For Secondary School Over The Summer Holidays?

Georgina Masefield | Posted 19.07.2017 | UK Parents
Georgina Masefield

As parents glimpse the imminent arrival of the summer holidays with a mixture of relief, exhaustion and gratitude, they could be forgiven for not wanting to dwell immediately on the next school term. But for parents with children due to start secondary school for the first time in September that probably isn't an option.

How I Helped My Kids Get Over The Death Of Their First Pet

Sam Allcock | Posted 19.07.2017 | UK Parents
Sam Allcock

After prodding her and begging her to wake up, I overheard their conversation and ran to see what'd happened. Expecting the worst, I found them sobbing their hearts out and questioning why Mindy wasn't moving. Unfortunately, there was no chance of reviving her so I was forced to answer the one question that every parent fears when a child questions death... Why?

Eight Skills Every 18-Year-Old Needs To Become A Productive Adult

Quora | Posted 19.07.2017 | UK Parents

An 18-year-old must be able to talk to strangers -- faculty, deans, advisers, landlords, store clerks, human resource managers, coworkers, bank tellers, health care providers, bus drivers, mechanics--in the real world.

The Mixed Up Life Of A SAHM

Helen Miller | Posted 14.07.2017 | UK Parents
Helen Miller

Life as a SAHM can be brilliant but it can also be monotonous and quite lonely. Playgroups are sometimes my saviour and often I want to go for me more than him, but some weeks I just want it to be him and me and then I feel guilty that I'm not entertaining him with other children.

Why We Take Our Kids To Celebrate Pride

Cassie Pearse | Posted 14.07.2017 | UK Parents
Cassie Pearse

Last weekend we took our kids to celebrate Pride, as we do every year. When we told them what we were doing, our son, who is just five, responded with, "why do we always have to do adult things, why can't we do kid things sometimes?''

Why I'm Teaching My Kids To Become More Confident

Sam Allcock | Posted 12.07.2017 | UK Parents
Sam Allcock

I'm sure I speak for many parents when I say the ultimate dream is to see my kids succeed in life. Whether it's encouraging them to pursue the career of their dreams or simply ensuring they're happy, my goal is to raise confident kids that are motivated to reach their own goals.

Parenting In Two Words: Swimming Lessons

Carrie Ladd | Posted 11.07.2017 | UK Parents
Carrie Ladd

If I ever find myself in some sort of tv-quiz-show-tiebreaker-situation and I'm asked to sum up the trials and tribulations of parenting in two words, I have already prepared my series winning answer: swimming lessons.

Is It Ever Okay To Helicopter Parent?

Kylie Abreu | Posted 11.07.2017 | UK Parents
Kylie Abreu

As I browse around a lot of the parenting websites that I often frequent. The term 'helicopter parenting' has come up quite a lot. At first I thought the term was quite funny and more tongue in cheek about parents who can sometimes be a bit paranoid when it comes to their little darlings. However, I quickly learnt that there was a lot more to it than that.

The School Gate Lie

Hannah Jull | Posted 06.07.2017 | UK Parents
Hannah Jull

The mum that shouts, the mum that looks very busy and important, the mum that wears uggs, the mum that would never wear uggs - they are all just being mums on the school run, trying their best - and I don't know why we insist on taking it so personally and thinking it is about ourselves.

What Not To Do With Kids

Hattie Harrison | Posted 04.07.2017 | UK Parents
Hattie Harrison

Sometimes us parents need to be cut some slack - a little time to shrug off some of that permanent upper backache and be given permission to sink back onto the sofa and relax. So voila! Here we are, permission granted, I give to you a comprehensive list of what to not bother doing with your kids. You're welcome.

How To Get Your Child To Sit Still When You Need To Do Their Hair

Beth Belshaw | Posted 30.06.2017 | UK Parents
Beth Belshaw

You could literally be a hair-braiding ninja but if you don't prepare for the task at hand, you'll be no match for an impatient 5-year-old! Here are my six easy steps for getting that hairstyle done without all the fuss

Expectation V Reality. The First Week Back At Work After Baby

Deb Bunn | Posted 23.06.2017 | UK Parents
Deb Bunn

When you're pregnant people tell you that the love you will have for your child will be unconditional, but until you hold your baby in your arms you c...

Child Safety At Home - What Should You Consider?

Jo Wiltshire | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Parents
Jo Wiltshire

That's it - they're on the move! All hands on deck. The moment your baby is mobile, even if it's only a roll or a shuffle, they are at risk of harm in...

Mum Guilt: How I Never Saw It Coming And Steps To Combat It

Katty Patterson | Posted 19.06.2017 | UK Parents
Katty Patterson

I'd never considered it before.  Never read an article or been part of a discussion that addressed it.  I knew I was going to be tired, emotional, busy.  I was told a hundred times how I'd be tied to my sofa, wouldn't read a book for the next five years and how this was the easy part.  Never a helpful sentiment.