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Lack Of Sex Education In Schools Is A 'Ticking Sexual Health Time Bomb'

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 15.02.2017 | UK Universities & Education

A lack of sex and relationships education in some secondary schools is a “ticking sexual health time bomb”, town hall chiefs have warned. The su...

Stop School-Shaming Parents

The Huffington Post | Tamsin Kelly | Posted 14.02.2017 | UK Parents

There have never been so many options for parents choosing schools for their children, from free schools to academies to faith schools. But with this ...

A Day In The Life Of A School Kid

Farida Ahmed | Posted 11.01.2017 | UK
Farida Ahmed

For purposes of anonymity I will give the students a code name, our private school attendee will be called 'Tom' and our state school attendee 'Jerry'. They are both 12 and a half years old, and I asked them both the same questions in a relaxed comfortable environment. Neither of them had access to the other's answers.

What Motivates Your Child To Succeed?

Julie Booth | Posted 25.11.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

While some of us will still be waving our sons or daughters off to school each day as keen and eager as they were on the first day of term, it takes a strong partnership between parent and school to keep a child focussed on their schoolwork throughout the academic year.

The Assault on Higher Education

Lucy Moor | Posted 24.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Lucy Moor

Education is not a commodity, and it should not be something reserved for the privileged few. The Tories' endless assaults on higher education are an assault on our society at large, widening the gap between poor and privileged more than ever before. 'Social mobility' isn't just dying, it's already dead - and it's about time we started fighting to resuscitate it.

To Board or Not to Board?

Steve Spriggs | Posted 18.07.2016 | UK Parents
Steve Spriggs

But is boarding school really that bad? Yes, there will be homesickness, especially for younger children, but in today's world of email, Skype and social media, you can be in regular contact with family, wherever they are in the world. As many parents work full time, kids who do live at home probably spend more time in school clubs or with nannies and babysitters than with their own flesh and blood.

Is Private School Becoming More Affordable?

Julie Booth | Posted 27.06.2016 | UK
Julie Booth

As a parent, I know that choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you have to make, which is why so many of us carefull...

Defending Independent Schooling!

Steve Spriggs | Posted 07.06.2016 | UK
Steve Spriggs

I want to muscle in on the latest playground scrap. After MP Matt Hancock suggested employers weed out privileged job applicants by asking them if they were privately educated, headteachers of some of Britain's top independent schools, including Eton and Westminster, have accused politicians - and the media that reported his thoughts so widely - of being "rude" about them.

Educational Equality Is About the Issue of Basic Human Worth, And We Shouldn't Pretend Otherwise

Sally Fraser | Posted 02.06.2016 | UK
Sally Fraser

I can feel a familiar anger rising, a quickening of my pulse, which experience shows I need to calm. Its not ok to get angry is it? It's, well, a bit ...

Eton College Head Threatens To Quit As Tory Peer Over Private School Question

The Huffington Post | Aubrey Allegretti | Posted 30.05.2016 | UK

An Eton College head has threatened to ditch the Conservative Party if it follows through on a proposal to make employers ask job-seekers if they went...

Privately Educated Labour Activists Struggle With 'Tough' Immigration and Welfare Conversations, Says Tristram Hunt

The Huffington Post UK | Owen Bennett | Posted 07.12.2015 | UK Politics

Labour activists from privately educated backgrounds lack the “political antennae” to deal with “tough” doorstep conversations about welfare a...

Defining the Recipe for Educational Success

Julie Booth | Posted 20.10.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

'I'm never going to put boundaries on myself ever again. I'm never going to say I can't do it. I'm never going to say "maybe". I'm never going to say ...

Choosing a Secondary School: Do You Have a Choice?

Stephanie Ashby | Posted 16.10.2016 | UK Parents
Stephanie Ashby

October: Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and applying for secondary school places. Which school will you choose for your year 6 son or daughter? Do you really have much choice at all? And will it really matter anyway in the long-run?

Back to School: Treading a New Path in Education

Julie Booth | Posted 21.09.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

As children returned to lessons this September in their brand new uniforms and shiny shoes, full of excitement and anticipation, many were unaware of the work their schools have been doing in preparation for the new academic year.

State Students Are Getting Better Degree Grades Than Private School Students

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 17.09.2015 | UK Universities & Education

State school students are "significantly" more likely to get top degree grades at university than those who went to a private school, new research has...

Target Grades - What Are They and Why Are They So Important?

Julie Booth | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

Setting and achieving targets is an intrinsic part of life and this is often replicated in the way schools monitor their pupils' learning. But do parents get enough information about where their child is in relation to their expected achievement?

How Is Your Child Spending the Summer Holidays?

Julie Booth | Posted 05.08.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

Every child is unique. One might thrive on a mix and match of summer learning clubs and structured activities, while another could benefit more from just kicking back and relaxing or enjoying some extra down time with family. The challenge for parents is to get the balance right.

Why Work, Rest and Play Could Become the Mantra to a Quality Education

Julie Booth | Posted 10.07.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

With the end of the school term upon many of us and the summer holidays getting underway, pupils and educators alike will be looking forward to some respite from what can be one of the most intense periods in the academic year.

Can a greener school boost children's progress?

Julie Booth | Posted 21.05.2016 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

Schools regularly hold assemblies to raise awareness of global environmental issues and plan lessons designed to teach children how we can all live gr...

Could Schools Be Doing More to Build Children's Character?

Julie Booth | Posted 22.06.2015 | UK Parents
Julie Booth

Giving children the opportunity to develop abilities such as understanding how their behaviour affects others, learning from their mistakes and trying out new activities would all be considered an important part of character education.

The Digital Revolution Is in Safe Hands as Schools Take Technology by Storm

Julie Booth | Posted 24.05.2015 | UK Tech
Julie Booth

These changes look set to turn traditional teaching methods on their head, as in many ICT classrooms, there are likely to be students who know more than their teacher about the subject. The upshot of this could be a move to a more collaborative style of teaching, where rather than instructing, teachers seek to bring out creativity and invention in their students.

Wounded by D-Day? What's Wrong with Paying for the Education you Want?

Ian Hunt | Posted 17.05.2015 | UK
Ian Hunt

It may well be that the option many parents choose - that of moving, and employing expensive tutors is not the best for the family. Whilst it is not an option for all, the alternative of an independent education is one that many parents are increasingly turning towards.

The Rise and Rise of the E-Parent: Have you Opened the Digital Window to your Child's Education?

Julie Booth | Posted 17.04.2015 | UK
Julie Booth

Schools can no longer ignore the fact that parents are expecting better communication and want more information about their child, whenever and wherever they need it.

Raising Aspiration: Taking Small Steps Towards Big Ambitions

Julie Booth | Posted 09.03.2015 | UK
Julie Booth

I was lucky enough to spend some time recently travelling around India, which was a wonderful experience.

Labour Have Nothing to Contribute in the Education Debate - Selfish Attacks Lay Bare the Intellectual Bankruptcy of Their Position

Afzal Amin | Posted 25.01.2015 | UK Politics
Afzal Amin

We need to fight this sort of small-minded class-war attack and to celebrate that which is great in our country, emulate it for the benefit of more people and ensure that where something works we support it, and where it is failing we correct it. Labour have not learnt this lesson, they are unfit to govern and the British people will rightly reject them in May next year.