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Soccer Scaremongering: The New Political Football

Jonathan Arnott | Posted 01.02.2016 | UK Sport
Jonathan Arnott

They were bound to have a go, sooner or later. The campaign to stay in the European Union has resorted to fear and scaremongering on almost everything else, and in my experience there are a lot of staunchly anti-EU football fans, so a 'Brexit would hurt football' follows as surely as the playoffs follow the regular season.

Jurgen Klopp and Gegenpress

Luke Chandley | Posted 26.01.2016 | UK Sport
Luke Chandley

Gegenpress. Like a pop star turning up to a school disco, it took the Premier League by storm. No longer had the beautiful, eloquent idea of tiki-taka graced the world of football, than had it been swept aside by its violent, aggressive cousin.

High Time Sheffield Wednesday Fans Admit that Leeds United Are Yorkshire's Top Club

Rob Atkinson | Posted 15.01.2016 | UK Sport
Rob Atkinson

The brutal fact of the matter is that anyone who can now remember Wednesday as Champions is currently looking down the barrel of their 100th birthday and a telegram from the Queen.

Footballers Ready to Come Out HAS to Be Headline News

David Mooney | Posted 28.10.2015 | UK Sport
David Mooney

It was during a recent Premier League encounter that a group of the home fans discussed whether or not calling someone a "tart" for remaining on the g...

Prove You're A Real Premier League Fan By Answering These 14 Questions

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 10.08.2015 | UK Sport

It's a new season with new hope for millions of football fans after a smashing set of games kicked off Premier League 2015-16 this weekend. With a ...

Platini Is Unlikely to Be Willing or Able to Substantially Reform Fifa

Ragnar Weilandt | Posted 07.08.2015 | UK Sport
Ragnar Weilandt

If Platini is football's only hope, then there is not that much hope at all. Having been a member of Fifa's Executive Committee since 2002, Platini is far too closely associated with the organisation's past to shape its future.

Can't Wait to Follow England's Women's Footballers at the Rio Olympics?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

After England's storming run to the semi final and ultimate 3rd place finish at the 2015 Women's World Cup, I can't wait to see how they get on at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.Although hang on, it won't be England, it'll be a Team GB side - still, I can't wait, they should be medal contenders...

Enjoyed the Women's World Cup? Then Get Yourself Along To A Game!

Gordon Bryan | Posted 08.07.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

England took a surprising and historic 3rd place in the 2015 Women's World Cup. Is it time you went to see a match for yourself? I love growing sport...

What the Women's World Cup Taught Us - Call for Equality in Football

Cheryl Rickman | Posted 08.07.2015 | UK Sport
Cheryl Rickman

On Sunday 5th July 2015 the USA Women's Football (Soccer) Team won the FIFA Women's World Cup after beating Japan 5-2.The team were awe-inspiringly IN...

Why Are There No Women Managers In The Premier League?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 07.07.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

As the 7th Women's World Cup takes place in Canada, a third of the 24 national football teams are managed by women, but don't expect to see a woman manager in the Premier League anytime soon...

The Women's World Cup Kicks Off! You Did Know It Was On, Right?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 03.06.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

The World Cup kicks off this week - hooray! The Women's World Cup. Hang on, you did know it was on, right? Quite possibly not.

I Haven't Drunk Coke in Six Months and Counting - Thanks to Football!

Gordon Bryan | Posted 01.06.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

Now, you might think that the protection of my teeth would be a good reason to stop drinking drinks like Coke, but since the state of my teeth mean they're probably a lost cause anyway, let me tell you why football is the actual reason... Well, not football itself, but the worldwide governing body of the game, FIFA.

If Blatter Won't Go, Fifa Might Have To

Dan Ehrlich | Posted 01.06.2015 | UK Sport
Dan Ehrlich

The scandal enveloping FIFA should have come of no great surprise...Football fans and pundits have long known about slush funds and payola. But it was tolerated, a reason why Sepp Blatter has been elected its head five successive times.

Is This the Solution to the Biggest Problem in Football?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 26.05.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

As the 2014/15 football season comes to an end, my over-riding memory is of something that needs to be got rid of to improve the sport...

The Emirates FA Cup - Is That a Sponsorship That Will Fly?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 30.06.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

Having seen a lot of coverage in the press about the Football Association's decision to agree a sponsorship deal with Emirates Airlines, I thought I'd chip in with my thoughts.

Fan Streaks At Football Game, Takes Selfie With Goalkeeper, Falls Over

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.04.2015 | UK Comedy

Gawd bless you, Southport FC fan. Gawd bless you and your big, white, Walter White underpants. Yes, this supporter decided to run the full length o...

Women's Football - Is Jill Scott the Thin End of the Wedge?

Gordon Bryan | Posted 27.06.2015 | UK Sport
Gordon Bryan

As the money creeps further into the game, albeit slowly, is that increasing the pressure, which increases the intensity, which increases the likelihood of players losing their heads in the heat of the moment?

7 Premier League Youngsters Who Have Vastly Improved Their Reputation This Season

Joe Cooper | Posted 05.05.2015 | UK Sport
Joe Cooper

19-year-old Bellerin is another youngster who was thrust into first-team action due to injuries this season. In this case, it was Mathieu Debuchy who made way for the pacey full-back, who is widely regarded to be one of the quickest players in the Premier League.

World Cup 2022: Check Out The Average Temperatures In Qatar

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 02.03.2015 | UK Comedy

FIFA is now recommending that the 2022 World Cup be moved to November-December. But will it still be cool enough? Here are the average temperatures in...

Why Everyone Needs to Stop Ignoring James Milner

Aiden Cusick | Posted 14.04.2015 | UK Sport
Aiden Cusick

Disproving others' low opinions of him has been a regular feature in Milner's career to date, helping him to where he is now - a soon-to-be out-of-contract midfielder, playing for the current champions of England, with a host of probable admirers.

2015 Africa Cup of Nations: Competitors on the Pitch, but United Against Malaria

Hervé Verhoosel | Posted 07.04.2015 | UK
Hervé Verhoosel

Continued progress will require a strong team, but UAM reminds us that we all have a role to play - whether footballers, broadcasters or CAF executives - and that when we work together, we can achieve incredible, lasting impact for a greater Africa.

Why It's Time to Wave Goodbye to the Cup Competition That's More Than Served its Purpose

Aiden Cusick | Posted 31.03.2015 | UK Sport
Aiden Cusick

In a country where footballers frequently complain about playing too many matches, the League Cup could be the makeweight that grants us a highly-coveted winter break. Stick a couple of Premier League matches on evenings usually reserved for cup fixtures and let everyone have a few weeks off in the middle of January, like they do in Germany.

Diving Is Making It Ridiculously Difficult for Defenders to Do Their Job

Joe Difford | Posted 23.03.2015 | UK Sport
Joe Difford

You cannot deny how talented the likes of Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling are, however, their ability to run rings round defenders with the ball stuck to their feet has only been emphasised due to their exploitation of the 'if there is contact go down' penalty system.

Time for Spurs to Cash in on Townsend

Theo Delaney | Posted 14.03.2015 | UK Sport
Theo Delaney

Looking at Townsend's performance on Saturday it's very hard to understand how he has leapfrogged Aaron Lennon in the wingers' queue. In fact, apart from an emphatically converted penalty at a crucial point in the Chelsea game, it's difficult to think of anything good Townsend has done for some time now.

Aaron Ramsey Reckons This Goal Is The Best He's Ever Scored

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 10.12.2014 | UK Sport

Arsenal stormed to a 4-1 victory over Galatasaray in Tuesday's Champions League fixture, with Welshman Aaron Ramsey scoring this blinding 30-yard goal...