The Holocaust

Labour In Fresh Anti-Semitism Row As Speaker Calls For Free Speech To Cover Holocaust Denial

The Huffington Post | Rachel Wearmouth | Posted 26.09.2017 | UK Politics

Labour faces fresh claims of anti-semitism after a speaker at a party conference fringe event said freedom of speech should cover Holocaust denial. I...

At Nine Years Old I Was Imprisoned In Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

Tomi Reichental | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK
Tomi Reichental

life less ordinary banner We were told to move towards the doors, and everybody got a piece of soap. We entered this large room with concrete floors and pipes with showerheads crisscrossing the ceiling. And when everybody was in, it suddenly became very silent. We didn't hear the soldiers anymore. The door was slammed behind us. We stood there, and the adults all looked up towards those showerheads. I didn't know what was happening. I saw some of the women were crying.

Katie Hopkins Deletes Tweet Showing Her Posing With Holocaust Denier

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK

Katie Hopkins has deleted a tweet which showed her posing with a Swedish journalist known for claiming the Holocaust never happened. The picture, scre...

Melania Trump Keeps Refusing To Hold Donald's Tiny Hand

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 24.05.2017 | UK

Only yesterday a clip of Melania Trump appearing to swat away the hand of the President bagged Haaretz a whopping 80,000 retweets. Well this is embar...

Another Labour Student Activist Forced To Resign Over 'Deeply Offensive' Anti-Semitic Tweets

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 11.05.2017 | UK Universities & Education

Another high-ranking Labour student activist has been forced to resign over a series of “deeply offensive” anti-Semitic social media posts. Tayyi...

Sean Spicer Apologises For Hitler Blunder, Manages To Bungle That As Well

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK

Sean Spicer has apologised for his remarkable claim that Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons” - four times. Pepsi: We're d...

Sean Spicer Suggests He's Never Heard Of The Holocaust With Hitler Comment

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK

LATEST: Sean Spicer Apologises For Hitler Blunder, Manages To Bungle That As Well Sean Spicer has said Hitler “didn’t sink to using chemical weapo...

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Claiming Holocaust Was An 'Inside Job' Found At Sussex Uni

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 14.03.2017 | UK Universities & Education

Anti-Semitic graffiti claiming the Holocaust was an “inside job” was discovered at the University of Sussex shortly after it hosted Israel Aparthe...

Student Behind Letter Accusing Lecturer Of Anti-Semitism Leads Calls AGAINST Her Sacking

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK Universities & Education

A student who wrote an impassioned open letter accusing his lecturer of anti-Semitism has now criticised calls from campaigners for her dismissal. Br...

Where Hope Is Hidden For Our Children's Future

Rebecca Gurnham | Posted 31.01.2017 | UK Parents
Rebecca Gurnham

This isn't the place to recount all the terrifying new policies, or comment on the potential disastrous consequences. Instead, I want to invite you into a new world with a glimmer of hope, hidden away in your local library, or children's school.

Why Denouncing Holocaust Deniers Is More Important Than Ever In A 'Post-Truth' World

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 28.01.2017 | UK

“Today, we have people in the highest, most powerful offices of the world who say ‘facts don’t matter’,” says Professor Deborah Lipstadt, no...

This British Historian Has A Frightening Warning About Trump On Holocaust Memorial Day

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK

Simon Schama has issued a stark warning about attitudes to the rise of Donald Trump on Holocaust Memorial Day saying nothing is being “renewed” in...

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: How Can Life Go On?

Olivia Marks-Woldman | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK
Olivia Marks-Woldman

Survivors of the Holocaust, and of more recent genocides, have had to come to terms with their past, and rebuild their lives around unimaginable loss. Some have done so in the UK, starting with nothing, having missed years of education due to the ideology of perpetrator regimes. But, despite these considerable hardships, many have also faced hostility and incomprehension.

Politics Today Has 'Parallels With Darkest Days Of The 1930s'

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK

The recent rise in hate crime has “parallels with the darkest days of the 1930s”, the head of a body representing Europe’s Jews has warned. Dr M...

The South London Synagogue Offering Shelter To Syrian Refugees

The Huffington Post | Sara C Nelson | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK

Today people around the world will pause to remember the six million Jewish people who were murdered during the genocide in Europe in the years leadin...

A Huge Number Of Holocaust And Genocide Survivors Suffer Abuse And Discrimination

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK

More than a quarter of survivors of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides living in the UK have suffered discrimination or abuse over their religion ...

With Trump In Power, Holocaust Memorial Day Matters More Than Ever

Andrew Grey | Posted 25.01.2017 | UK Politics
Andrew Grey

And perhaps above all, we can commit ourselves to always remembering, and striving to understand, the darkest hour in modern history, and vowing that we will never again allow the attitudes of prejudice and hatred that enabled the Holocaust, to grip our society.

Book Stolen By Nazis Finally Reunited With Rightful Owner By British Library

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 06.01.2017 | UK

A book that was stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust has been finally reunited with its rightful owner by the British Library. A copy of Die Golde...

Why The Holocaust Is At The Heart Of Holocaust Memorial Day

Olivia Marks-Woldman | Posted 04.10.2017 | UK
Olivia Marks-Woldman

At its core, Holocaust Memorial Day brings together people from all backgrounds and from all corners of society, united in a shared aim of learning lessons from the past to create a safer, better future. From schools to museums, workplaces to places of worship and even in youth detention centres and prisons, the diversity of those taking part couldn't be more apparent.

Meeting the Shadow Head-on: Stories to Live By

Roberta Verdant | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK
Roberta Verdant

My grandmother tells this story from the years before the Nazi invasion of Hungary. It takes place in the small Hungarian town in which she and her fa...

Don't Stand By to Intolerance, Hatred and Genocide

Olivia Marks-Woldman | Posted 26.01.2017 | UK
Olivia Marks-Woldman

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Today is the day to remember and honour these brave men and other heroes who refused to stand by in the face of evil. And not just during the Second World War.

Why We Must Continue to Learn Lessons From the Holocaust

Rabbi Naftali Schiff | Posted 26.01.2017 | UK
Rabbi Naftali Schiff

I have had the privilege of meeting and interviewing scores of holocaust survivors during my research for various educational programmes and initiatives. Of course it goes without saying that every survivor processed and dealt with the pain, the trauma and the loss in their own way - and there is no 'right way' to respond to such a loss.

Do We Get the Hate-Filled News We Deserve?

Mark Hillary | Posted 21.06.2015 | UK
Mark Hillary

The UK has a problem with immigration. Even those who support migration have to concede that there are practical difficulties, such as a squeeze on school class sizes and GP waiting lists in areas where many new people have settled. This has boosted parties such as UKIP where a withdrawal from the EU - and therefore an end to free migration throughout Europe - is one of their major policies.

Contemplating Forgiveness of the Unforgivable

Ceri Eldin | Posted 01.04.2015 | UK
Ceri Eldin

It is not a question of whether we can forgive a seemingly unforgivable atrocity; we, as the third party to events, cannot. Yet, the increased interest that forgiveness has been given over the preceding decades, as the post-witness era draws closer, is a telling sign that by exploring forgiveness there may be much to learn.

Britain To Make Huge Investment On Holocaust Memorial

PA/Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 27.01.2015 | UK Politics

British Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled plans for a national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. As survivors of the Auschwitz Nazi de...