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Ask Joanne - What Are The Best Books For My Six Month Old Baby?

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Naomi asks:

My little girl (six and a half months) enjoys the odd visit to the library but her only interest in books is eating them.

As she becomes more aware that they can be more exciting as food for the imagination I want to build up a collection of the most exciting children's books around – do you have any suggestions?

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Dear Naomi

Six months is a lovely age to start introducing your child to books, but as she is teething she will want to chew them as much as read them for some time yet.

Choose sturdy books with different textures and bright pictures. Nursery rhymes go down well as she will enjoy hearing the rhythm in your voice as you read them.

Also choose books that you enjoy reading: as your daughter gets older she will enjoy hearing the same stories over and over again. Save your sanity by picking books that you won't be throwing at the wall when she asks for them for the gazillionth time.

The Book People and Red House Books are both great sources of low cost children's books. Since these early books probably will be dribbled on rather than cherished, don't spend a lot on them. Also check out charity shops and car boot sales for bargains.

Titles that my children enjoyed as babies include: Peepo!, Each Peach Pear Plum and the lovely language of Rattletrap Car.

And for out and out weirdness, take a look at the infamous Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business. Yes, that really is a book'know..poop. Well at least it's something that a baby can relate to.

Happy Reading!


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