26/05/2009 01:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Top 10: Ways To Get Reluctant Readers Reading

If your child is learning to read, they can often get stuck for a while before their reading becomes fluent.

Children who are struggling with reading will benefit from a helping hand, but may be put off by your efforts. What is it with kids that as soon as they sense that Mum or Dad is keen on something, they back away as if it's got a bad case of swine flu?

Children's minds seem to work along these lines

Mum + Dad = Not cool, therefore
Things Mum + Dad Like = Stuff I hate

So if your child thinks that books are something you step on in order to reach the biscuit tin, what can you do to foster a love of reading?

Here are my 10 ways to entice reluctant readers

  1. Where's Wally?
    These books were designed with reluctant readers in mind. There are very few words, and the whole thing's a visual puzzle, so it subtly gets across the message that books are fun
  2. Horrid Henry early reader books
    These are new versions of the popular Horrid Henry books, specially created for early readers. My little boy was so chuffed with these, because they're chapter books (normally the preserve of top readers only)
  3. Any book that links into another interest
    So whether your child likes Club Penguin or Power Rangers, there will be some sort of associated reading matter.
  4. Comics
    Even if it's not a book, it still counts as reading.
  5. Road signs
    Let your child help you navigate
  6. Rainbow Magic fairy books
    Little girls love these,
    though parents will find them pretty dull. Very formulaic but easy to follow and good for encouraging your newly reading little princess
  7. The Incredible Book Eating Boy
    Yes I know a tale of a boy who finds that reading books is more fun than eating them sounds a bit worthy, but this lovely book is captivating. Plus children like the big bite mark out of the cover.
  8. Gooey, Chewy, Rumble Plop!
    This appeals to children on lots of levels, because it's about the digestive system, and so is satisfyingly gross. Best of all, it has a big rubber tongue on the front that you can waggle at your sister.
  9. Joke books
    They may not be your first choice for literary sophistication, but your child will love them
  10. Be a reader yourself
    We are our children's best mentors. Do you enjoy books? Does your child see you reading regularly? Are you keen to curl up for a bedtime story?

How do you help your reluctant reader? Got any books to recommend? Leave a comment below