25/06/2009 13:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kitchen Essentials For Parents - Plus A Special Offer To Help You Get Organised

One of the major culture shocks of parenthood is the way in which things you never knew previously existed, suddenly become a vital part of your life.

It comes to us all - one minute you're lusting over monthly glossy mags, the next thing you know, the new Lakeland catalogue is making you come over all a-fluster.

Recently a big help in getting me organised has been the Dodo Book for Cooks. This is a neat ring bound notebook, with sections for adding in your favourite recipes. So no more bits of paper floating around the kitchen, or recipes floating round your head.

Here are some of the other things I've found to be family kitchen essentials:

  • Cloths, lots and lots of cloths
    You can always rely on a child to make mess where calm previously existed. E cloths are great because they clean without using chemicals. So whilst you're cursing your little darlings you can do it in a feel-good, caring for the environment kind of way.
  • A hand blender
    Not for blending your hand - that would be ludicrous, not to say dangerous. I'm talking about Find out more and how to order at this link.

    What are your kitchen essentials? Post them in the comments box below. Ten points off if all you can think of is 'gin'.