03/07/2009 05:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Babyglow - The Clothing That Changes Colour If Your Baby Is Too Hot

Do you remember those hideous t-shirts people used to wear that changed colour the hotter you got? Those ones that were like advertising your armpits? Well now you can get one for your baby.

A chap called Chris Ebejer, from Suffolk, has invented "Babyglow" babygrows which change colour as the baby's temperature rises.

They come in pink, blue and pastel green, all of which turn white as soon as the baby's temperature rises above 37C.

The idea is that parents will be able to tell when their babies are too hot and therefore spot when they're ill.

Mr Ebejer has now signed a £12.5 million deal with a manufacturer to produce the clothing.

He told the Daily Mail he thought they could save lives. "Mothers are going to find these invaluable," he said. "Heat is invisible. The suit changes that and makes it visible. It communicates to the mother where a baby can't."

Now, this is a canny invention. Your baby's temperature is one of the things you really worry about as a first-time mum.

When my baby was born it was freezing cold outside but I was terrified that she would overheat because that's supposed to be one of the causes of cot death.

So while other babies were swaddled in vests and cardigans and coats and hats and blankets my daughter was shivering in a mere two layers. It was probably character-building.

I suppose if there had been something to reassure me that she wasn't overheating, that would have been nice. But hang on a minute. There was. There was my hand, and there was a thermometer.

I'm a bit concerned that if you rely on these babygrows, you're not using your instincts, and you might miss something else, or be lulled into a false sense of security.

I'm also not quite sure how these things work. What if your baby has a vest on underneath? What if you have to put a coat on her?

Anyway, if you think this is a brilliant idea, they will be available from October for £20 a pack. Mr Ebejer is currently negotiating with High Street stores as to where they will be sold.

Source: [via Engadget]