10/07/2009 09:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Live Luggage Launches Motorised Suitcase For Mums

Do you spend many days pushing a pram and wheeling a suitcase about simultaneously? Then Live Luggage has just the product for you. Okay, so it's a niche...

It's called the Hybrid PA Series Bag, and its selling point is 'Nano wheel' technology - wheels with built-in motors. It claims to do for hauling suitcases up hills what power steering did for three-point turns.

So, there's an "anti-gravity" handle that pivots to ensure that 85% of the bag's weight is balanced above its motorised wheels, which kick in when it thinks you might need a bit of help. Presumably it hears you swearing.

The wheels are powered by rechargeable batteries which last for a mile and half on one charge (uphill!). Oh, and there's an umbrella in the bag handle.

Live Luggage says it wants to appeal to "Yummy Mummies and Yummy Grandmas" with the bag. Whether they'll see £295 as a yummy price remains to be seen.