12/07/2009 14:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Become A Time Traveller And Learn About History With Your Kids This Summer

Kids are more interested in history than you might think, according to research by English Heritage.

A survey reveals that nine out of ten kids highly value England's rich history and are keen to learn more.

More than half of children feel they do not know enough about their country's past.

But they want to learn about it in a fun way, such as events where they can experience the past being brought to life.

No surprise here then – kids are more interested in blokes in armour bashing each other with swords than in reading about long-past wars in dusty books.

Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities to see history in action.

If you've never been to one of English Heritage's events, I can strongly recommend them.

Having been taken to most of the castles in England during my childhood I have fond memories of pitched battles, jousts, falcons and archery which certainly livened up history for me and my brothers.

The English Heritage research found that today's kids would most like to return to Tudor times and unsurprisingly would most like to be a prince or princess.

Bloodthirsty Henry VIII was the boys' favourite historical character while the girls were more impressed with Florence Nightingale's healing nature.

English Heritage carried out the survey to launch its Time Travellers Go summer events club. This allows children of all ages to travel back in time and take on some of history's greatest roles.

Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories, is backing the initiative. He says: "Kids love to learn about history's gruesome tales and quirky characters and it is important that we encourage this passion.

"History is such a fascinating subject, but can lose its appeal if delivered in a dull, lifeless way.

"These hands-on history events include everything from 'Knights Academy', 'Crime and Punishment' to 'Secrets & Spies', where children can discover history in a truly memorable way."

All new Time Travellers are presented with a passport to the past and awarded a sticker at each event attended. Once the passport is full, they'll receive a special reward.

To begin the quest, go to to meet the Time Travelling characters and find events near to you.

Source: English Heritage