15/07/2009 19:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What Your Child Did In School Today: Ages 8 To 10

The last in this series of what your child experiences in their day-to-day school life. Since it's nearing the end of term and summer holidays are on the horizon, here is a rather unusual example.

Is this what you expect to find in your child's school day? You may be surprised.

A teacher in Devon reports:

"I'm really interested in the creative curriculum, Assessment for Learning, learning logs, making learning (and teaching) fun ... interactive displays, PE (particularly games and outdoor education).

Today my timetable looked like this:

Morning started with the register, followed by Espresso news quiz and the whole school assembly.
Following assembly we moved onto reading activities (including guided reading), then exercise and literacy.

After break we had a full lesson of maths.

Then our afternoon was a series of smaller activities including massage, learning logs, golden time (fun activities that reward children for doing well), and finally storytime before finishing for the day.

Not every day has the same structure, but this is fairly typical with literacy and numeracy in the morning, and more creative or active things in the afternoon."

And yes, you read that right, it did say massage! The teacher explains that this is something the children do for one another as a whole class activity, just around the head and shoulders.

Do you think children should be learning in a creative way like this? Or would you prefer schools to focus on more traditional methods? And what do you think are the best things about how your child's school offers education?

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