25/07/2009 17:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Maternitywear T-Shirts: You Stylish Muthacrafta

You thought it was just your unborn child that needs you, but no, it's your country too. Or so the fabulous women's war effort image on this Muthacrafta maternity T-shirt would suggest. It's ace isn't it? At last, a maternity T-shirt that isn't so overwhelmingly lacking in style or personality even your cat wouldn't sleep on it.

The "I'm so crafty I make people" range from Muthacrafta, complete with war effort logo, is available on Etsy, home to squillions of excellent handmade items from around the world. If the high street turns you off, and craft floats your boat, Etsy is definitely a website to check out.

As well as the short-sleeved "I'm so crafty" T-shirt, you can buy a long-sleeved version and sweet little badges. For babies, buy the Future Crafter babygro. Even if they don't take up crocheting and patchwork any time soon, you can guarantee they'll end up with doing paint handprints at some point, and in my book that's crafting. Well, it's the kind of crafting I enjoy, at least.

I've found two other cooler than average Tees.
I have to admit, I also quite like these baby sonogram T-shirts too, by Funnytees01 (the t-shirt is a bit more imaginative than the maker's name). I've no idea who's baby that is, but it's a pretty safe bet that if you told folks it was yours they'd be hard pushed to disagree with you.

Or for those of you beyond the fourth month, maybe this "Due in September" T-shirt is the answer to your prayers. When the five millionth stranger asks you that question, you can just point. Otherwise, the chances are your particular due month is going to be your baby's most heard word. Great news folks, you don't have to be due in September to buy one; the maker will put your choice of all 12 months on the front. At $23 you can't say no now, can you?

Got a bugbear about boring maternity clothes? Leave your gripe here. Who knows, maybe I'll start a petition...