31/07/2009 12:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Solve A Maternity Wedding Outfit Dilemma

Lordy Lordy, I have another wedding coming up, in mid-August, when I'll be 26-ish weeks pregnant. It's my first pregnancy and I have no idea what shape or size I'll be come that point, what mood I'll be in, how tanned my legs will have got, how I'll cope with the family without drinking or whether I'll be nice to my boyfriend that day.

It's a serious challenge.

What's plaguing me most right now is what on earth to wear. I don't own much by way of wedding outfits anyway, and what I do have will now fit my right thigh, and that's about it. No options in my wardrobe, apart from my dressing gown, which could double as a Dianne Von Furstenberg wrap dress. That's if Diane Von Furstenberg made wrap dresses in grey towelling.

Buy something new, I hear you cry. Well, I would, only the chances are I'll wear it only once. How likely am I to be going to a wedding at the same time of year when I'm 26-ish weeks pregnant next time? Borrow something? Well, I would, only I don't know many women with tummies the size of footballs and big wedding outfit selections. I'm flummoxed.Or at least I was flummoxed until I came across this bright idea; hire a dress!

I read recently about, where you can hire beautiful designer dresses for a fraction of the price of buying them. This is definitely on the list for a look-see.

An even hotter prospect, though, is, which specialises in maternity dress hire. It even does maternity wedding dress hire it's so modern and down with the 21st Century. Brilliant idea! I mean, whether you're the bride or a guest, buying fashion items to wear them only the once is dumb, not to mention very un-eco.

These are my options. I've got roughly four weeks to make a decision. Help me out please, readers. Are any of these a winner, or will I look like a watermelon wrapped in foil?

Black pure silk cocktail dress with sash

Hot pink strapless cocktail dress

Gold lace cocktail dress (pictured)

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