10/08/2009 04:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Do You Want To Watch Bridget Jones' Struggle For A Baby?

Bridget Jones is coming back – and this time she wants a baby.

The chardonnay-drinking, big-pants-wearing icon is set to return in a third film.

The new movie will follow the story of Bridget's attempts to have a baby in her 40s.

But she still can't decide between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Well, it is a tricky choice.

Renee Zellweger has apparently agreed to return as Bridget, which presumably means she will have to pile on the pounds again. Start eating those pies now, Renee.

However news of Bridget's return has not been greeted with overwhelming joy by some commentators.

Several columnists have raised concerns that a woman's ticking biological clock is no subject for a comedy.

It seems a bit hasty to write off a film when shooting hasn't even started yet, but that hasn't stopped them.

Jemima Lewis, writing in the Telegraph, says: "Not everyone – thankfully – has experienced the anguish of trying to have a baby when your ovaries are past their best.

"Those who haven't will be bored stiff by the subject, and those who have will be deeply upset by any attempt to make light of it."

Carolyn Hitt, in the Western Mail, agrees. She says: "There are no laughs to be had from a ticking biological clock, as any woman in that situation will tell you.

"Bridget Jones is well past her sell-by date if she can joke about ovaries that have run out of time."

However, David Lister, in the Independent, says: "If it mixes humour, social observation and poignancy as Fielding can do brilliantly, it could extend the franchise for several years, and force the film world to address themes it has generally avoided."

Do you agree? Are you looking forward to the return of Bridget? Or would you rather poke your eyes out with a sharp stick than watch the third film?

Source: The Telegraph


Source: The Independent