12/08/2009 08:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Top 10: Wooden Playkitchens

Playkitchens are a great way of getting children involved in the basics of cooking and baking without the danger of hot surfaces. It also helps children understand the importance of cleaning up afterwards. There are a great range of kitchen centres available, with everything from a basic faux-oven to a kitchen, fridge, and sink set.

Here are a collection of our favourite playkitchens for your budding Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson:

  1. Princess Wooden Kitchen Playset (main image) $299,
  2. Wooden Play Cooker (from top left - right) £69.99,
  3. Wooden Kitchen (centre, top row) £39.99,
  4. Duktig Mini-Kitchen (right, top row) £89,
  5. The Willow Kitchen (left, middle row) $229,
  6. Maxim Wooden Kitchen Center (centre, middle row) $107,
  7. John Lewis Wooden Kitchen (right, middle row) £109.95,
  8. Little Tikes premium wood kitchen (left, bottom row) £139.99,
  9. Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator Set (centre, bottom row) £175,
  10. Red Retro Kitchen Center (right, bottom row) £175,