24/08/2009 07:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Renee Zellweger Says Parenting Is Like Slavery, J-Lo Is A Baby Whisperer, And The Beckhams Enjoy Family Life

Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger is thinking twice about motherhood after babysitting for her niece and nephew.

Renee says parenting is like "slavery" and babies are "little dictators". Sounds like she's got it about right...

The Bridget Jones star said: "Moms out there, kudos to you. The cool thing about being an aunt is like, I can leave. No offence to my big brother Drew, but that is slavery.

"I dare you to take a shower. You can't do anything unless they let you. It's a dictatorship. They're little dictators in their crib."

The star, who's 40, hasn't ruled out having children but she's obviously got a realistic grasp of what it might be like.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez paints a warmer, fuzzier picture of motherhood.

The J-Lo apparently whispers to her baby twins to help them get to sleep.

She said: "I sing little lullabies to them to help them go off to sleep some nights. But I like to whisper in their ear and that works even better. I have done that since they were tiny babies. I whisper to them how much I love them."

The singer also says motherhood has had an impact on her music and is the inspiration behind several songs on her new album.

So I guess we have renditions of Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old MacDonald to look forward to, then?

Over in LA, the Beckhams are settling back into family life. David has moved back to the US to carry on playing for LA Galaxy after a spell with AC Milan in Italy.

Victoria Beckham stayed with their three boys, Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, six, and four-year-old Cruz, in America while David was away and says it was difficult living apart from him.

She said: "I'm really happy being in the States so it was difficult for me going backwards and forwards trying to make everybody happy."

Now they are all back together again - but there are no plans for any more little Beckhams just yet.

Victoria said: "Everybody keeps asking me that and I think at some point, if I'm lucky enough, I'll have another baby. That would be great - if I'm blessed enough. But right now, three boys... that's a lot!"


Source: AOL News

Source: AOL News