25/08/2009 09:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Latest Baby Accessory - Perfume?

Newborn babies smell adorable, don't you think? Even when they produce the honkiest of nappies, infants still somehow smell of peaches. Though since you can never under-estimate the power of marketing to come up with a solution to a non-existing problem, a company based in New York has come up with the solution to stinky kids - baby perfume.

Love, Chic Baby is cologne and perfume for babies. The company says on their website that they have made "the first pair of luxurious fresh scents designed exclusively for little girls and boys, and for those who want to pamper them."

The company's website says that the perfume is suitable for use from around six months of age - in other words, around the time that they start eating solids, and the contents of their nappies

Love, Chic Baby comes in two versions: Coco for girls and Momo for boys. Coco is "a calming, airy fragrance" with "a soft bouquet of pink mandarin, Italian bergamot, water lily, pink peony, yellow freesia, island pineapple, and sheer rose," . Momo's scent "tickles the sense" with a mix of "mandarin, orange, pink grapefruit, wild strawberry, sweetheart melon, and dewberry." Try selling that to your little tearaway: 'Darling, just stop watching CBeebies for a minute, Mummy wants to spray you with some perfume'. I don't think so.

The implication with this product is that babies aren't perfect as they are, and somehow need enhancing with artificial scents - that, to me, smells offensive.

At first glance, this seems like yet another wacko baby product, like last year's Heelarious, fake high heels for infants. However, this isn't actually the first baby perfume on the market. Mon Bebe Perfume is well established in its native France and is now available in the UK. So perhaps this is an emerging trend, or maybe there are just an awful lot of stinky kids around.

Would you buy baby perfume for your infant? Or is it just a solution to a non-existent problem?

Source [ParentDish US]