28/08/2009 09:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Boom - We're All At It...

Did you have a baby last year? If so, you're bang on trend, because more than three quarters of a million kids were born in the UK.

Britain is apparently in the middle of a baby boom, with the population soaring over 61 million for the first time.

It was the biggest rise in the population since the 1960s.

Has the recession has made people opt for a cheap form of entertainment - without considering the consequences?

Roma Chappell, statistician for the Office of National Statistics, said: "It's the highest fertility rate we have seen in the UK for some time.

"You have to go all the way back to 1993 to find a time when the fertility rate went higher. For the first time in a decade natural change exceeded net migration as the main driver of population change."

But one in four of all new births were to women born outside the UK, something which seems to be troubling many of our national newspapers.

The Daily Mail reports concerns that immigration remains high and it is foreign-born mothers who are pushing up the birth rate.

Comments on the Mail website include: "We need to stop the breeders, it's getting out of hand, how selfish of them."

Others say it is the "chav baby machines" who are causing the problem.

Melanie McDonagh, writing in the Telegraph, says what we really need is a middle-class baby boom. Probably so that people will carry on buying the Telegraph...

But I don't think she's thought through the implications of a middle-class baby boom. Such as a national shortage of olives.

What all these commentators appear to be saying is "It's fine for people to have babies - as long as they're just like me..."

What do you think? Is the nation's "breeding" out of control? Or is it a good thing that we'll have all these young people around to look after the rest of us when we're old?

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