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Baby Number 19 For Reality TV Mum

A US mum has revealed that she is expecting her 19th child. Michelle Duggar from Tontitown, Arkansas, is expecting the new addition in March next year, weeks before she is about to become a grandmother. Michelle 42, and her husband Jim Bob are the stars of reality TV show 18 Kids And Counting, and are currently celebrating the pregnancy after thinking their baby days were over.

Michelle suspected she may be pregnant after her youngest child, 8-month-old Jordyn-Grace, became fussy whilst feeding on breast milk. This has happened in previous pregnancies, and Michelle took a pregnancy test and was ecstatic to see the little blue line.

"I was just jumping up and down going, 'Thank you, Lord. Here am I - 42, thinking my baby days are over - and you've blessed us with another one'," she said.Michelle and Jim Bob are also preparing to become grandparents for the first time as their eldest son Josh, 21, prepares for fatherhood.

The expectant parents now have a tough task ahead to decide on a baby name, as currently the 10 sons and 8 daughters all have names beginning with J. Along with Josh and Jordyn-Grace, there is twins Jana and John-David, 19, Jill, 18, Jessa, 16, Jinger, 15, Joseph, 14, Josiah, 13, Joy-Anna, 11, twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, 10, Jason, 9, James, 8, Justin, 6, Jackson, 5, Johannah, 3, and Jennifer, 2.

The Duggars claim to be the world's largest family, although they have tough competition from the Chernenko's in Ukraine who currently have 17 children, and a Romanian family living in Canada who also claim to have a family of 18. The media has also been very interested in Nadya Suleman (also known as Octomum), and the birth of her octuplets in January after going through IVF. This was of particular interest as she already had 6 children at home.

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