18/09/2009 16:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Anne Heche And Her Ex-Husband Are Ordered By A Court To Get A Parenting Coach - Not A Moment Too Soon

A judge has told actress Anne Heche and her ex-husband they have to get a parenting coach, it has been reported.

A brief look at the train wreck of their relationship tells us this is probably an excellent idea.

The "parenting plan coordinator" will try to get the former couple to behave more reasonably for the sake of their seven-year-old son Homer.

Presumably this means attempting to get Heche to stop slagging off the father of her child on national television, or accusing him of being a chronic masturbator.

And her ex, Coleman Laffoon (yes, really), might have to stop publicly accusing Heche of being a bad mother for taking her son to film sets instead of putting him in kindergarten.

Take a look at Heche's performance on Letterman here and see what you think.

At $375 an hour, you would hope the coach can knock some sense into them.

According to, the parenting plan coordinator will coach the parents on effective co-parenting, help them make joint parenting decisions, and resolve disputes over the court-ordered parenting plan.

Heche and Laffoon have apparently agreed to work with the coach.

If a judge can order a couple to see a parenting coach, why stop there? Celebrity couples with children could be banned from discussing their relationship in public. Or at least dissing each other on Letterman.

The actress is now living with actor James Tupper, and they have a six-month-old baby son together, Atlas Heche Tupper. Let's hope she has better luck with her new family.

If you were a judge, what would you order celebrity couples to do? Katie and Peter, for a start...

Source: ParentdishUS