25/09/2009 08:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Giant Baby Born In Indonesia

A baby boy has been born in Indonesia weighing a whopping 19.2lbs, or 8.7kgs.

Ouch. That's eye-wateringly large. That's bigger than my eight-month-old.

He's the country's biggest ever baby, and you'll be relieved to hear that he was delivered by caesarean section. And a crane, presumably.

Doctors who took part in the operation said it was a difficult job.

Gynaecologist Binsar Sitanggang told Sky News: "This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his mum's womb. His legs were so big."

The doctor said the baby was probably so huge because his mother had diabetes. This can cause the baby to receive too much glucose in the womb and grow more than usual.

The boy, who has not yet been named, is said to be healthy, despite initial breathing problems, but incredibly hungry.

Mr Sitanggang said: "He's got strong appetite, every minute, it's almost non-stop feeding," he said.

"This baby boy is extraordinary, the way he's crying is not like a usual baby. It's really loud."

The baby is his mother's fourth, but her previous three children were traditionally delivered by a midwife.

This time the woman had to be rushed to hospital because of complications with the pregnancy, which had reached nine months.

The biggest baby born in Indonesia before this one was a puny 6.9kgs, born in 2007.

The heaviest baby ever born, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, was born to Anna Bates of Canada in 1879. It weighed 23.12lbs, or 10.8kg, but died a few hours after birth.

The biggest baby to survive was born in Italy in 1955 and weighed 22.5lbs.

Source: Sky News