29/09/2009 14:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl Dies After Cancer Jab

A teenage girl has died shortly after being given a cervical cancer vaccine at her school in Coventry.

The 14-year-old, named by some newspapers as Natalie Morton, died yesterday in hospital not long after receiving the HPV1 Cervarix jab.

An urgent investigation has been launched to find out exactly why she died but apparently she suffered a "rare but extreme reaction" following the injection.

A number of other girls at the Blue Coat Church of England School also suffered dizziness and nausea and were sent home.

Health bosses have quarantined the batch of vaccine given to the school as a "precautionary measure".

The tragedy is also a blow to the Government's vaccination programme which is targeting millions of girls aged 12 and upwards to protect women against cervical cancer.

Vaccines are always controversial and although this was an incredibly rare reaction it is bound to scare some parents off.

Charmaine Dunn-Myria, 15, who was in the same year as Natalie, said pupils had been frightened and upset after hearing of their classmate's death.

She told the Daily Telegraph: "There was panic around the school when we found out what happened. Girls were in tears in the corridors and everyone was in shock.

"I had my jab as well and I was really worried about it and that something was going to happen to me. They never told us that there was any danger in these jabs. I didn't know you could get sick or die from them.

"The school gave everyone a letter telling us about Natalie and the three other girls. I am just really scared about what will happen to them. I can't believe this has happened."

The Government is planning to give the vaccine to girls between 12 and 18 over the next two years. It protects against HPV, a virus which can lead to cervical cancer.

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Would this tragic death put you off getting your daughter vaccinated?

Source: AOL News