02/10/2009 13:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Is Kerry Katona Pregnant? I Sincerely Hope Not...

Rumours have been abounding this week that Kerry Katona, the former Atomic Kitten and current walking disaster area, is pregnant.

These stories appear to be founded on the evidence of a photograph of Kerry with her hand on her stomach while shopping in Mothercare.

However friends have also told the newspapers that Kerry, who already has four kids, would like another baby.

Apparently she thinks it would be an excellent way of kicking her cocaine habit and making some cash. What wonderful reasons for bringing a new life into the world.

It's only a few weeks since she was filmed snorting cocaine at home, was cautioned by police and was finally dropped from Iceland's ad campaigns.

There have been reports that her ex-husband, Brian McFadden, is plotting to fight for custody of the two daughters they had together.

Kerry, who's 29, has two more children with her current husband Mark Croft.

The People says she told one close friend last week: "Me and Mark are trying for another baby. I want to give up on all the drink and the drugs."

She didn't seem to manage that during her last pregnancy, but there you go.

The friend said: "She thinks it's a great idea. She loves being pregnant and being fussed over.

"She decided to have another baby just a few weeks after she was filmed doing cocaine."

Well yes. It's the perfect time, isn't it? Apparently Croft wasn't keen but Kerry has been trying to persuade him with the lure of lots of shiny money.

"Kerry has insisted that she is [ready] and now she hasn't got any work coming in, having a baby will help earn money," said the friend.

"She pointed out that there will be more interest in her from companies looking for her to endorse them. And photos of her pregnant will sell too.

"Then, once she's had the baby, she will be able to do exclusive pictures and interviews in the magazines as well.

"It could earn her around £250,000 which means they will be able to carry on living in their nice house in Wilmslow and have enough money to keep them going for a couple more years."

Oh dear God. If this was any "ordinary" family living on an estate, social workers would be crawling all over them.

Perhaps all media outlets should declare a blackout and tell Kerry there's no more cash for babies. Yeah right. Like that's ever going to happen...

Source: Sunday People