05/10/2009 09:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

New Term - How's Your Reception Child Handling It?

If your child has just started in reception or primary one, you're probably heaving a sigh of relief right now. All that worry beforehand, and frantic gathering of uniform, and now they're like old hands at the school game. Before you know it your first half term will come along and you'll both be school veterans.

So what have we learned so far?

That whatever stage your child is at, that's OK. Try not to get caught up with competitive parents who brag about their child already reading Shakespeare and writing essays about global warming. They all get there in the end, and even the most intellectually bright children will still have to get to grips with social skills.

It's amazing how many children find it tough to manage going to the loo at school. So if you have picked up your child to find that they've wet themselves (or worse), don't worry. You're neither the first nor by any means the last that this has happened to.

Equally, if your child is finding school a challenge and is still having wet nights, that's pretty common too. Just cut back on bedtime drinks, put something protective on the mattress and know that it won't be for long.

One thing that may be with you for a while, though, is the hometime horrors. Why do so many children come out of school in such a foul temper? I think it's a combination of low blood sugar and physical and mental exhaustion. They've been keeping it together and concentrating all day, so when home time comes, their perkiness is all pooped out. If your child is prone to this, always bring a snack when you pick them up and don't take it personally.

And the other things to welcome into your life for the next several years are Notes From School. Daily they fly out, like paper aeroplanes from the head teacher. Some ask for cash, some have upcoming events, others are just for the heck of it. If you've worked out a way to organise these, let me know.

So, reception class of 2009 - how are you getting on so far? Leave a comment and tell us