07/10/2009 09:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mother Of Kidnapped Baby Finally Gets Her Children Back

A mother has been reunited with her children after her newborn baby was kidnapped and then taken into care amid claims a family member had tried to sell him.

The bizarre tale began last week when Maria Gurrola was stabbed at her home in Nashville and her baby Yair was abducted.

Three days later he was found safe and well 80 miles away in Alabama and was briefly reunited with his parents.

But then the baby and his three siblings were all taken into foster care after someone apparently claimed a family member had tried to sell him.

Now they are all back together and the local department of children's services and Nashville police say they do not believe the parents were involved in the baby's abduction.

Maria told the Tennessean she is still having nightmares about her ordeal.

The mother said: "It's a bad horror movie. But it's getting better. I have my baby. I have my children, and I'm healing physically and emotionally."

The baby's father, Jose Carrillo, told the Tennessean that it had been a long ordeal and he hopes the family will be left alone.

However a police statement says there are still "significant unanswered questions" in the case. They are curious as to why Maria and her baby were targeted in the first place.

But Thomas Miller, an attorney appointed to represent the children, told AP that police had "cleared the parents of any wrongdoing."

Tammy Renee Silas, 39, of Ardmore, Alabama, has been charged with kidnapping after police said they found the baby at her home.

But she has not been charged with the assault on Maria, who was stabbed several times and suffered a collapsed lung in the attack.

Maria told police that after the attack, her assailant made a telephone call and said in Spanish "The job is done" and that the mother was dying. But she apparently said she did not see the woman who stabbed her.

Silas is still in custody but has not yet appeared in court.

Source: AP