08/10/2009 11:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mother Gives Up Adopted Baby Because She Can't "Bond"

A woman who adopted a baby boy and then gave him up 18 months later has been telling her story on TV and the internet.

Anita Tedaldi and her husband had five biological children and then decided they wanted to adopt.

They were approved to adopt in the USA, where she lives, and adopted a baby who was found by the side of a road.

But then she discovered she couldn't "bond" with him, she says.

Tedaldi told the Today show on NBC that the child "wasn't connecting" with them.

However, she didn't explain much further, which leaves us none the wiser.

If you're going to tell your story, perhaps you should explain it better than that.

After all this must be a very traumatic thing for a child to go through - effectively being abandoned twice.

You can watch the interview for yourself here.

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There's been a lot of reaction to this story in the States - some defending the mother and saying we shouldn't be too quick to judge, some saying that what she did was terrible.

It sounds like Tedaldi thought she would bond with the little boy in exactly the same way as she did with her biological children.

In her blog for the New York Times, Tedaldi said that she "wasn't connecting with [the baby] on the visceral level I experienced with my biological daughters."

Don't adoptive parents go through counselling to help them appreciate that this may not be the case?

It must be quite common for adopted children to have difficulty attaching to their new parents.

However, some commentators have pointed out that if she couldn't bond with the child then it might have been better for him in the long run for her to give him up.

There's something else I'm left wondering about, though. Presumably when he is older the little boy will be able to find out that he was once adopted by Anita Tedaldi.

How's he going to feel when he reads what she's been saying about him on national television and on the internet?

Source: ParentdishUS