08/10/2009 08:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Woman Finds Michael Jackson's Face In Her Baby Scan

An expectant mother reckons she has discovered the image of Michael Jackson in her baby's ultrasound scan.

Oh come on, I hear you cry. I know you go a bit doolally when you're pregnant, but surely this is taking things a bit too far?

But no. Abbie Drinkwater, 18, told the Mirror she was amazed when she saw the King of Pop in the scan.

She said: "The likeness is amazing.- at first I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"I didn't notice it at first as I was so excited about seeing my baby. It wasn't until later when I was at home and just gazing at the scan picture that I saw Michael Jackson."

She must have been looking really hard. Or maybe squinting. It doesn't look a lot like Jacko to me.

But Abbie told the Mirror: "The image looks like Michael from his Thriller days. You can clearly see his curly hair, profile and even his white glove."

Course you can. If you say so, dear.

Apparently Abbie is a massive fan of Jacko and even found out she was pregnant on the day he died.

She said: "I remember crying when I heard he had died but then I found out I was pregnant so then I was really happy."

Abbie and her boyfriend Daniel Pate, from Burnley, Lancs, have now decided to call their child Michael if he is a boy, in memory of the legend.

She told the Mirror: "We have always liked the name Michael and our friends and family have all said that's what we should call the baby if it's a boy.

"So we've decided on the boy's name - in his honour."

You can check out the picture of the scan here for yourself.

So tell me - is this just a case of everyone humouring the daffy pregnant woman? Or can you see Jacko in this picture?

Source: The Mirror