14/10/2009 05:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

NCT's Nearly New Sales. Budget Buying For Baby

A new baby arrives and usually parents get swamped with various baby essentials, prams and cute but slightly impractical outfits. Which is great, until they grow out of these and you have to take a trip round the shops to find some more products that tick the practical and budget-friendly boxes.

It's estimated that the first 5 years of kitting your child can run into thousands of pounds, a massive cost considering how quickly items need replacing due to growth or just long term durability.

So, in this time of recession, how can we cut back on costs without cutting on quality?

One solution is to try NCT's Nearly New Sales.Nearly New Sales are organised in various locations to allow you to buy products that are nearly new and come from loving homes. A bit like eBay, but you get to actually see the purchases in real life! Sellers come along and sell things they no longer need, which must be in excellent condition, and can keep up to 70% of the proceeds. The rest will go to the charity.

This is an especially good idea this time of year when it's coming up to the time when your little ones will be ripping off the wrapping paper of their Christmas presents. This eco-friendly option allows you to recycle pretty much anything, and you can bring your own money along too. All profits from the Nearly New Sale goes to NCT to help support mums and dads on their journey to become a parent. In fact, it raises over a million pounds each year for the charity.

This is such a great option if you want to save money and time, and find everything in one place. The success stories are many, including one mother who found a pram for £70!

Have you been to a Nearly New Sale? What was your experience?