14/10/2009 11:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnancy Style: Terri Dwyer Is A Rock Poet!

During the first few months of your pregnancy you've probably enjoyed a bit of retail therapy, picking up floaty dresses here and bigger bras there. All is going well....and then you get past the 3 month point and the options for maternity wear that ticks the fashionable and comfortable boxes starts to dwindle.

Get to the last few months of your pregnancy and you'll be eyeing up that smock dress with contempt and pondering why so many bra companies only produce late-pregnancy bras in grey or white.

Hurrah then, for the new wave of young and sexy celebs jumping on the baby wagon!

Aside from introducing the world to a whole new levels of dodgy baby names, celebrity mothers have their benefits. They tend to kick start designers into creating products that the Rooney's and Klum's of the world will be proud to showcase when getting papped. Which means the high street will be copying these looks and providing us mere mortals with something a little more stylish than a tent from Blacks.

So which celebrity has been influencing pregnancy style recently?

TV Presenter Terri Dwyer recently presented an award at the Midwife of the Year Award, and arrived head to toe in clothing from the Rock Poet range at Mamas & Papas. Terri, who was 3 weeks away from the birth of her baby at the time of the awards, maintained a glamorous and fashionable style in gorgeous autumn colours.

Terri's first pick was this red and black dress with the tulip hip detail that's been all over the catwalks at both London and Paris fashion week. Plus, it means the dress doesn't cling really tightly to your bump, an annoyance if you suffer from belly furnace. The dress is £60 and looks lovely after pregnancy too.

Next up, Terri picked up the black velvet trousers for £40. The trousers have the obligatory elasticated waistband and they're a nice alternative to the usual leggings and dress combo. It comes in a choice of 3 leg lengths too.

Finally, Terri covered up against the chilly evening weather in this waterfall cardigan. Not only is it a really flattering colour for most skin tones, but it cuts nicely over your bump and floats over your thighs and bum. Buy it for £42 and it will last you during pregnancy and beyond.

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