29/10/2009 05:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Maternity Outfits For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and the range of outfits for kids and adults is extensive. We've already covered kids Halloween outfits (including the quite brilliant Balloon boy costume) but what about outfits for those who are currently expecting a baby?

Granted, Halloween maternity wear is not a massive market but that's not to say pregnant ladies don't want to join in on some of the spooky happenings. Slinging on a white sheet and cutting out eye holes doesn't have quite the same fun factor. has some pretty interesting options. This Maternity Devil costume (£35.99) on the right comes with a dress, brooch and horns. This one is great if you're feeling the effects of the raging hormones and fancy having an excuse to be a tiny bit evil!

Here are a few more fancy dress articles for any ladies who are a pregnant over this time.

Prefer a bit more of a saintly look? This Maternity Angel outfit (£31.99) comes with a dress, halo and the mandatory wings. The dress has plenty of stretch to allow for your growing bump.

This Maternity Pink Fairy costume (£47.50) includes a gypsy style top, flower headpiece and a huge pair of fairy wings. It's probably a good idea to invest in a pair of pink or white leggings too, as it's seriously short.

This final costume sadly doesn't come with the broom, but it's an easy to wear wicked witch fancy dress none the less. The whole outfit including the dress and hat is £33.99.