29/10/2009 09:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Woman "Asked For All-White Doctors" In The Delivery Room

A woman who was about to give birth allegedly asked for all-white medical staff to be in the delivery room.

The mother, who has not been named, had her request refused by Milton Keynes Hospital.

Hospital staff have complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission about the incident and the hospital says it has begun a full investigation.

The woman had a Caesarean section at the hospital.

What kind of person starts kicking off about the race of her doctors when she's about to have a Caesarean section?

A hospital spokesman told the BBC: "A specific request was made, but due to patient confidentiality, we cannot go into detail.

"At present we can say that the baby was not delivered by an all-white team of staff and the mother and baby were not cared for by an all-white team.

"We did not change medical rotas."

There were medical complications during the birth but mother and baby had now gone home "safe, well and happy", according to the spokesman.

Navrita Atwal, of Milton Keynes Equality Council, told the BBC she was surprised by the circumstances of the case.

"What if there had not been a white doctor available? What would have happened then?," she said.

"I think the hospital staff should go through relevant training about how to think on their feet when this situation arises."

Personally I think the woman should have been told she could give birth in the car park if she didn't like the doctors available.

And I think they should have notified social services. You've got to feel sorry for a child growing up with that kind of mother. What do you think?

Source: BBC