30/10/2009 13:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

TV Star Says We Should Stop Having Babies To Save The Planet - Is She Right?

The actress Evangeline Lilly has announced that people shouldn't have babies because it is damaging to the planet.

The "Lost" star, who is dating her co-star, Dominic Monaghan, says she is planning to adopt - but will allow herself one baby of her own.

She reckons people are having too many babies and should consider adopting instead.

Evangeline said: "For a very long time, I have had intentions to adopt. We have a huge population problem on Earth. We're not going to protect the Earth the way we need to protect it if we don't stop making so many babies."

However the 30-year-old says she is desperate to experience the "gift" of pregnancy so will have one baby herself.

Mmm. Not that committed to saving the world, then.

Evangeline, who plays fugitive Kate Austen in "Lost", said: "I have always wanted to have a child of my own and I will always want to go through the gift that women have been given to experience that, so I hope to be a mother at some point.

"I think I can allow myself one child - and from then on, I think I would have to adopt. It makes sense not to add to the population problem."

I wonder if she'll feel the same having had one child. The maternal instinct can be pretty strong - will she be able to stop herself from having another?

What do you think? Is she right? Should we all be adopting instead of having our own children? Are we just being supremely selfish by having large families?

Source: AOL News