07/11/2009 08:38 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Of Train Track Baby Praises His Safety Harness

The mother of the baby who had a miraculous escape after his buggy was run over by a train has credited his safety harness with saving his life.

Shweta Verma has spoken about the horrific moment she watched her six-month-old son Saurish roll onto the track in his buggy into the path of an oncoming train.

The 29-year-old mother also believes God had a hand in her son's lucky escape: "He is destined to do something, something good, something great in his life," she said. "That is why God is there...Now I don't let [Saurish] out of my sight." But while her little boy escaped with just a scratch, the nightmare continues for her.

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Shweta, who is a dentist and lives in Melbourne, said it was a nightmare that kept replaying in her mind thanks to a film of the incident captured by a surveillance camera.

She spoke to Today's Matt Lauer in America about the moment she released the brake on the buggy in order to board the train, and watched it roll off the platform.

"There was this moment I thought I should jump," she said, "but instead of making that suicidal move, I just thought for a second that I should have a look - what has what has happened to him. I just wanted to have a look, how is he."

She was helped by 18-year-old student Aaron Dryden who found the baby still strapped in his stroller underneath the train. Shweta then clambered under the train to set her son free.

"I was [in] complete shock. As soon as the train stopped, I ran toward the platform where it stopped, and there was this young guy who came and offered to help. And he was going to get down off the platform and then, I told him that I want to come along," she said.

Shweta, who credits the buggy's safety harness for saving her son's life, said she often relives the moment she thought her baby had gone forever. The accident has however deepened her already strong faith in a higher power.

Miraculously the baby suffered just a scratch and after a hospital check-up was declared healthy. Thankfully he will be too young to remember the incident, but will always have the video to remind him how lucky he was. Amazingly the buggy remained intact, just losing its wheels.

Source (Parentdish)