10/11/2009 08:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

International Vigilante Rescues Abducted Children

What would you do if your worst nightmare happened, and your child was abducted? Even if you knew who had done it, where would you go for help?

Sadly, international abduction of children, especially in cases where their parents' relationship has broken down, is all too common. Now, an international vigilante who makes it his business to snatch back children who've been taken away without permission, has spoken out about his work.

Gus Zamora is a US based Child Recovery Expert who travels the world to bring back children who've been taken from their legal guardian. He told ParentDish US: "There are lots of ways to recover a child. There's no one way." As a last resort, Zamora said, he will grab the child and run. "That's when you've run out of other options".

The former Army Ranger and Florida resident prefers to do things the legal way, through the foreign court systems. If that doesn't work, he might threaten foreign officials with massive media attention.

Zamora is one of the few professionals in the business of getting kids back. He's been getting children out of many countries for 18 years, mainly to bring them back to their native America. So far, he said, he has recovered 55 children. He claims that many people come to him after hush-hush referrals from government types because he offers action rather than sympathy.

Unsurprisingly, there's a hefty price tag that varies from client to client. And he doesn't like clients who question his methods. "The client can be your worst enemy," he said in a recent interview with Atlantic Monthly.

He cites Japan, Germany and France as being particularly difficult places to retrieve children from. Unfortunately, Zamora said, his business is booming as long as there are custody battles over international borders. As he comments on his website: "I wish the system worked, but the fact that it doesn't work means I'll be working."

Source [ParentDish US]