11/11/2009 15:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Best Gifts For A Big Sister Or Brother To Be

Whilst the arrival of a second child for most families can be an exciting and joyous time, it can also be a difficult time for the first child who may feel left out. Jealousy can kick it when they see all the goodies the new baby gets from the stream of cooing visitors.

There's no reason you can't involve your child in the celebration though, and there are several gifts you can get a big brother or sister to make them feel really involved in the new changes within the family.

This necklace on the right is $18.50 from Etsy seller TrendyTatters is designed to make the new big sister in your family feel extra special.

Here are a few more gifts to get your child excited about becoming the oldest sibling:

This Big sister t-shirt from Etsy seller Magabys can be customised with the big sister or brother's name and style of ribbon, and is priced at $24.50. You can get a matching babygro for the new baby too.

This gift pack for the big sister and baby sister consists of a babygro and toddler hat for the baby, and funky t-shirt for the older sibling. Again, this is also customisable in colour and wording. This gift set is £29.99 and is from Etsy seller funkymonkeythreads.

Older brothers will prefer this contemporary designed t-shirt from Etsy seller flyduds. The benefit of the wording of the t-shirt is that they can wear it before the birth, which can help you get them excited about the new sibling. It's $10.99 and there are several sister alternatives too.

This gift pack , £23.49, from is the perfect set to give your child in the hospital. The pack contains a big brother or sister teddy, a congratulations card, 6 'I'm a helpful Big Brother or Big Sister' stickers and a baby book to fill with their memories of the first few years. The baby book in particular will be great in getting the older sibling involved, and the stickers can be used to reward good behaviour.

How did you get your child excited about a new sibling?