13/11/2009 06:08 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Father Takes His 11-Year-Old Son To "Hooters"

An American dad has caused a stir by taking his 11-year-old son to Hooters, the restaurant chain with waitresses who have big, well, hooters, and wear skimpy clothing.

Bob Elston, from Virginia, wrote about the experience on his parenting blog, The Rain Racer.

His post got thousands of hits and Elston has been featured on national public radio and in USA Today explaining his decision.

Elston says he was trying to educate his son and see how he reacted to the women in the restaurant.

He wrote: "The trip to Hooters, I saw as an opportunity to see how he conducts himself around women. If he drooled and couldn't take his eyes of the waitress, then that would be an unmistakable cue to me to start preparing another birds and the bees talk.

"If he acted embarrassed and shy, then that would be a sign that such a pointed talk could wait a bit."

It's possible that the boy was a bit more embarrassed about the experience being shared with the rest of the world...

Some people have called Elston irresponsible for his actions while others have praised him.

He told ParentdishUS he didn't regret taking his son to Hooters.

"It was a pretty harmless situation in my view," he said. "He was there not only with his own dad, but his grandparents, a friend from the neighbourhood and that friend's father. I called my wife and got her approval. We were there at lunchtime with a lot of other families."

And Elston says he doesn't regret writing about the experience on the internet either. "I write a parenting blog and this is an important parenting issue," he said.

"After all, in the Internet age, anyone can be a blogger and anyone can be a critic. I actually don't mind the criticism.

"I think that despite the divisiveness around this particular issue, we parents all have the same goal in mind. That is we are all trying to raise our children to grow into thoughtful, responsible and happy adults capable of making good decisions without Mom and Dad there to guide them."

What do you think? Was Elston right to take his son to Hooters and blog about it afterwards?

Source: ParentdishUS