13/11/2009 09:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Maclaren Offer Buggy Safety Kits To Concerned Parents

Following on from the voluntary recall of their pushchairs in the USA due to finger amputations, Maclaren have decided to offer buggy safety kits to UK parents concerned about the dangers of the hinges.

The company initially refused to recall their products in the UK or offer safety kits, as the buggy fits in with European safety legislation, but have since agreed to provide the safety kits.

The safety kits consists of a pair of hinge covers to avoid children getting their fingers trapped when the buggy is being closed and opened. The covers are available, free of charge, from the customer services department (phone 01327 841320)

The company claims that there has only been one official complaint of injury in the UK, compared to the 15 in the USA. The injuries seem to occur when the buggy is not correctly put up.

When we ran the article on this earlier in the week, the comments were mixed. Many people felt that the accidents were due to careless parenting, whilst other parents pointed out that children can easily get their fingers in dangerous places in just a couple of seconds.

Buggies can be difficult to put up and there are times, like jumping on and off a bus, when putting a buggy back up is rushed. I'd imagine these are the kind of times when accidents like this happen.

However, I've never tried a Maclaren buggy, so I'd like to hear from those of you that have. How easy is it to collapse and put the buggy back up? Will you be requesting a buggy safety kit?

Source AOL