16/11/2009 04:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lesbians Make Better Parents, Says Expert

Lesbians make better parents than straight couples, according to the director of research at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners.

Stephen Scott says research shows that children whose parents are lesbians do better than the children of conventional parents.

Mr Scott reportedly told a meeting for the launch of think tank Demos: "Lesbians make better parents than a man and a women."

This is guaranteed to make some people see red.

But appparently research shows that children with two female parents are more aspirational.

Famous lesbian parents include US actress Jodie Foster, 46, who had two sons with former partner Cydney Bernard, and comedienne Sandi Toksvig, 51, who has three children with former partner Peta Stewart.

One theory suggests that single-sex couples make better parents because they have to jump through so many hoops to have a child.

However, some campaigners have been predictably jumping up and down at Mr Scott's pronouncement.

The Daily Express called it "a blow to the heart of the conventional family".

Jon Davies, chief executive of the Families Need Fathers organisation, told the Telegraph: "Since all children will have a biological father the child has a right to know who that is.

"In most families where there will be a mother and a father, a father is needed to support them. But it is the quality of parenting that counts in the end regardless of the parents."

The Telegraph also dug up Ann Widdecombe, MP for Maidstone and the Weald, who said: "This contradicts every other government study that has ever been done.

"These studies, which are quoted so often by the Government and the opposition, clearly show that children do better when they have both a mother and a father figure."

But more than a third of people now believe that same-sex parents are just as good as heterosexual couples, according to the annual British Social Attitudes Report.

What do you think? Are two lesbians better parents than a man and a woman? Does it make any difference?

Source: The Telegraph

Source: Daily Express