16/11/2009 03:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

ParentDish Readers Rally Around For Dying Boy

ParentDish UK recently ran an article about a dying boy celebrating Christmas early, in case he doesn't live to see Christmas. The parents of the boy rang up their local radio station to request that others send their son a Christmas card, to make it extra special for him.

The story touched thousands, who sent in cards and presents for the boy, and our ParentDish readers were no different. 125 of you so far have sent terminally ill Noah your Christmas wishes, and the family your thoughts.

For many of our readers, it's the first time a story has moved them so much to comment.
This particular story clearly demonstrates the power social networking sites can have in spreading the word and providing a worldwide support for individuals worldwide. In the past, medical emergencies have been sorted through financial and organ donations thanks to word of mouth spread through sites like Twitter and Facebook.

There has also been a huge amount of support from the extensive network of mummy bloggers across the globe.

Cancer in particular is a subject close to most people's hearts, with many of us losing loved ones to the disease or suffering themselves. Christmas is a time when we all come together and appreciate our loved ones, which may be connected to the huge support growing for this little boy.

Sadly for little Noah, the cancer has spread too far through his body for a cure. Hopefully the outpouring of support and love for him and his family will make it a very special Christmas for them.