18/11/2009 04:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Gran Who Was Sterilised Has "Miracle Baby"

A grandmother has given birth to a baby boy 13 years after she was sterilised to stop her falling pregnant.

Debbie Amos, 43, from Colchester in Essex, now has a son, Connor, who is younger than her grandchildren.

She had an operation to sterilise her after having her first three children.

But then she felt the baby wiggling inside her and discovered she was six months pregnant.

Doctors think her fallopian tubes, which were cauterised and clipped during the operation, may have repaired themselves.

Mrs Amos told the Daily Mail: "I did a pregnancy test, which was positive. I still didn't believe it and I had to sit down for about half an hour. I thought it must be a big mistake."

Bizarrely Mrs Amos and her husband Melvyn, 57, had problems conceiving when they first got married.

She took Clomid, a fertility drug, when she was 19, which helped her get pregnant with daughter Kerri, now 24.

Mrs Amos carried on taking the drug to have her son, Glen, 19, and then stopped taking it.

She had been told she could not get pregnant without the drug, but then four years later her younger daughter Rebecca was born.

After one surprise they decided they didn't want any more, so Mrs Amos had the operation at Colchester General Hospital.

She was shocked when she realised she was going to be a mum for the fourth time. She told the Daily Mail: "I think I cried for a week."

But now Mrs Amos is happy that Connor is safely here and healthy. She said: "We were very relieved he is fit and healthy. When you think of all the things that could have gone wrong, he is just a little miracle."

"Obviously, I would not be without him for anything now, but it has been a massive shock. Maybe he was just meant to be here."

The couple are now having to get used to nappies and lack of sleep all over again.

They have Kerri's children, Callum, three, and ten-month-old Courtney, to keep Connor company.

Mr and Mrs Amos did consider taking legal action against the hospital where she had the operation but apparently have ruled this out as they were warned it might only be 99 per cent effective.

This seems a bit odd - I'm not sure it's worth getting sterilised if it's only going to be 99 per cent effective...

Source: Daily Mail