19/11/2009 08:47 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Suri Cruise Totters About In High Heels - Aged Three

Suri Cruise is just three years old - yet she's been snapped tottering about in high heels.

I know a girl's got to look her best for the paparazzi, but come on. She's THREE.

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes clutched a doll as she wore the shoes while shopping with her mum in Boston, USA.

High heels surely can't be good for a three-year-old - she's going to end up with some nasty bunions if she's not careful.

Isn't it also a bit weird dressing a toddler as though she were a teenager?

Suri's parents have reportedly spent $3 million on her clothes so far.

But they have drawn the line at a mink coat, it has been reported.

Apparently the tot took a fancy to a real mink coat at a department store in Boston but Katie said no - at which point Suri threw a major strop.

Holmes reportedly didn't want to upset animal activists, according to American tabloid The |National Enquirer.

"She's got a fake fur coat and she'll have to be content with that," the former Dawson's Creek star, 30, told a pal, according to the Enquirer.

Earlier this year a source said: "Katie and Tom really splurge on Suri, and as they're so famous, they always get the top fashion designers to custom-make her clothes.

"Suri may only be three, but she's very vocal when it comes to her outfits and she's rarely seen in anything twice."

She's obviously very strong-minded - as many three-year-old girls are. But I think perhaps her mum needs to start saying no more often. Particularly when it comes to high heels.

Would you let your three-year-old wear high heels?

Source: The Sun

Source: Showbiz Spy