04/12/2009 12:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mothers Tell Miliband Off Over Nappies

Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has admitted that he uses disposable nappies for his six-month-old son Daniel, which has got him into a bit of trouble with a group of mothers.

Mr Miliband admitted to the usage on a webchat. He defended the actions by citing an Environmental Agencies report that suggests that the energy impact of disposable nappies is little more than reusable ones, once you take into account the washing and drying of them.

Unfortunately for him, many eagle eyed chatters were able to point out that the report in 2005 overestimated the number of nappies used, and assumed all of them would be washed at a high temperature, tumble-dried and ironed.

Currently three billion nappies are thrown out every year, making up 4% of household waste.

Mr Miliband is not the first one to encounter some difficult questions from the Gordon Brown was faced with the tricky decision of choosing his favourite biscuit, something he failed to answer quickly. Mr Miliband got in there immediately, confirming his love for jaffa cakes.

David Cameron was criticised for taking too long to reply in the chat, whilst Mr Miliband was complemented on his speedy responses. He's also denied that he was moving into a "leadership contest with Gordon Brown".

Do you use disposable nappies or reusable ones? What do you think about Mr Miliband's argument for using disposable?

Source: AOL