11/12/2009 04:07 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Googles "How To Deliver A Baby" - Then Does

It's become instinct for many of us - anything you want to know, you Google it.

Now it seems we even turn to the internet to find out how to deliver a baby.

A dad reportedly helped his wife through the birth of their child at home after Googling "how to deliver a baby" on his BlackBerry.

Leroy Smith, 29, then followed instructions on Wikipedia and helped his wife, 25-year-old Emma, to deliver their daughter.

The little girl, named Mahalia, weighing 6lb 11oz, arrived before the midwife could get there.

Leroy, a security guard from Leytonstone, East London, who already has three sons with Emma, told the Mirror: "The midwife arrived five minutes after and told me I'd done good."

Emma said: "Thank God for the BlackBerry. I'm never going to moan at Leroy about being on the phone again."

He'll probably find it pretty useful in the months to come as well - I've Googled just about everything that's happened with my baby over the last year.

You do have to be careful about following advice you find on the internet - particularly medical advice!

But I have found it very reassuring to discover that whatever is going on with my baby, it has happened to thousands of other parents as well.

If you don't have many friends with babies the "online community" can be very useful. I've also found that Twitter and Facebook have stopped me going bonkers by helping me keep in touch with the outside world.

It makes you wonder what we did before the internet, doesn't it? Although Google still fails occasionally. Googling "where did I put my keys" doesn't seem to work...

Do you think the internet is a useful tool for parents or should we be relying on more old-fashioned methods?

Source: Daily Mirror