16/12/2009 08:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Olympic Weightlifter Goes Into "Shock" Labour During Training

Olympic weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete dramatically gave birth to a birth boy during training, which was a massive surprise as she was unaware she was pregnant!

Elizabeth, who represented Chile in the Beijing games, was practising lifts in Sao Paulo when she went into labour.

She had complained of feeling unwell during training around a week before she gave birth, but had no idea this was due to a pregnancy.

Weighing just 2.25 lbs and measuring 15 inches in length, the boy was thought to be three months premature and is currently in intensive care.

And like all good Olympic competitions, the drama doesn't stop there.The story has taken another strange turn, with Elizabeth leaving hospital after she claimed she does not have the funds to pay for the medical care of her and the boy. The hospital have disagreed, claiming they did not discharge the 22-year-old because of payment issues.

Source: Guardian