17/12/2009 03:39 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jordan Set To Launch New Range Of Baby Clothes

Jordan, aka Katie Price, is set to bring out a range of baby clothes, it has been reported.

Anyone like to guess what colour they will be? Yes, you got it - pink.

It is thought the brand will start off as a collection for girls and will include pink hoodies and combats.

Just what the world needs - some more pink baby clothes.

The glamour model, 31, is rumoured to be planning the brand, to be called KP Baby, for the Selfridges chain.

The deal is reported to be worth £2.2 million.

A source told the Sun: "Kate is determined to re-brand herself in the wake of her recent troubles. She's excited."

Price, who has three children of her own, caused a storm earlier this year when she was shortlisted for Celebrity Mum of the Year.

She had been through a very public marriage break-up with Peter Andre, and many thought she was not a good role model.

Details of the break-up were posted on Facebook and Twitter and Katie accused Peter of having an affair with his manager.

However she has created a massive business empire over the last few years, bringing out numerous products including books, hair straighteners, bed linen and horse-riding clothes.

I just hope her line of baby clothes isn't based on her own wardrobe - I don't much like the idea of seeing baby girls dressed in short skirts and crop tops.

Some parents have already said they would not dress their kids in anything she designs. One commented on the Sun's website: "I would never dress my child in anything chavvy by her!"

Would you dress your children in clothes designed by Jordan? Or will you wait until you see the outfits before you make up your mind?

Source: The Sun